Local presence research

Local presence research


- Bibliographical databases

Two extensive bibliographical databases are available for interested researchers at the department:


  • In the personal databases are actually entered about 7000 publications from about 700 herbartian authors (from 1809 to 1938). There are more or less 5700 pedagogical publications from 500 Herbartians.


  • The database for journals documents 9596 main-articles, published in 20 journals by Herbartians from 1838-1936. There are also articles from “Non-Herbartians”.


- Materials of the Society for Scientific Pedagogy

The department for International Herbartianism Research has got numerous documents from the “Verein für wissenschaftliche Pädagogik” (engl. “Society for Scientific Pedagogy”), central organ of the pedagogical movement of Herbartianism. Following documents are available and can sift through at the local department:

  • Constitution of the society
  • Member-lists of the society (from 1869- 1914)
  • Explanations and notifications to the yearbook of the society (1869-1917)
  • Reports and meeting-protocols of the society
  • Notifications to the members of the society in the “Allgemeine Schulzeitung” (engl. “General Journal for School”)


- Contents of the herbartian journals

The contents of the databases for journals are available for interested researchers to investigate. For contact and appointments turn to Dr. Grundig de Vazquez (katja.grundig-de-vazquez@uni-due.de).