At the Institute for Translational HIV Research there is the possibility of doing internships and theses all year round.

If you have a general interest in doing a thesis or an internship in the field of HIV research, please use the links on the left to apply. We will then forward your application to everyone involved in HIV research. In your application, please indicate whether you would like to work purely statistically or in a laboratory.

If your interest is limited to the research of a specific working group, please contact the working group leader directly.

At the Institute for Translational HIV Research, several student assistant positions are to be filled every year. A SHK earns 10.50 euros / hour, working hours and number of hours vary depending on the specific position. If you are interested in starting with us as a SHK, please send us the following information:

- Curriculum vitae, including details of the course and current semester

- Whether you are looking for a job in data maintenance, want to do laboratory work or would work in both areas

Due to the high level of interest, we do not answer every application directly, but collect them and contact suitable applicants as soon as vacancies are available. Applications are also forwarded to interested neighboring institutes, if they are looking for SHK candidates in similar areas of work.