Project Information

High Tech Business Services in Germany and the UK

A project funded by the Anglo-German Foundation and jointly coordinated by:the ManchesterSchool of Management, UK; and the Institut Arbeit und Technik, Germany

Purpose of Research

In recent years, firms providing high tech business services in Germany and the UK have experienced major changes. With rapid advances in technologies and internationalisation of markets many firms have restructured their activities, leading to new kinds of client-supplier relationships.

Very little is known, however, about the implications of these changes for innovation and the firm's competitiveness. This project analysed the experiences of large firms in the areas of consultancy services and computer software services. The project was investigating leading multinationals and compared and contrasted their activities and strategies in Germany and the UK.

The aim was to develop a clearer picture of the changing organisational forms of leading high tech business services firms in these two countries and the implications for innovation, upskilling and competitiveness.

Research Method and Schedule

First we selected companies relevant for the purpose of our research, and analysed employment and economic data of the mentioned branches. The next step was the discussion of concepts for interview guidelines, investigations about company specific data and the field research in the selected company offices.

Main area of research

Development trends in the employment system

The research team works within a strong research network spanning both ManchesterSchool of Managementat UMIST and the Institut Arbeit und Technik. Dr. MarcelaMiozzo is an expert in Technology Management and a member of the ESRC-financedInstitute of Innovation Research in Manchester. Dr. Damian Grimshaw is ActingDirector of the European Work and Employment Research Centre at UMIST.

Research Team

Dr. Marcela Miozzo

Dr. Matthias Knuth

Dr. Damian Grimshaw

Mr. Thorsten Kalina

Ms. Paulina Ramirez


Grimshaw, Damian / Miozzo, Marcela / Ramirez, Paulina / Knuth, Matthias / Kalina, Thorsten, 2004: High-tech business services and innovation in Germany and the UK: the case of IT outsourcing. London: Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society | Lesen

Project data

Term of the project:
01.04.2002 - 31.07.2003

Reseach department:
Flexibility and Security, Trends in Employment

Project management:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Knuth

Project team:
Dr. Thorsten Kalina

Anglo-German Foundation