Project Information

Gatekeeping into incapacity pensions: a regional comparison

We analyse how institutions such as the Public Employment Service (PES) and the Pension Insurance structure procedures and organizational routines to determine the (in)capacity to work of their clients (gatekeeping). This includes an analysis of how PES and the Pension Insurance interact when both institutions differ in their assessment concerning the work capacity of a claimant. A special focus is on the procedures concerning unemployed claimants, because PES and Pension Insurance have organizational interests which might guide their assessments. Methodically, this project pursues a qualitative approach which includes interviews with experts from the PES and the Pension Insurance in two different regions in Germany. Understanding gatekeeping processes into incapacity pensions is an important element for the understanding of social security for persons with health limitations.

Project data

Term of the project:
01.09.2013 - 30.09.2017

Reseach department:
Employment – Integration – Mobility

Project management:
Prof. Dr. Martin Brussig

Project team:
Manuela Schwarzkopf,Dr. Patrizia Aurich-Beerheide