Research at IVG is based on various experimental facilities. They are used for the analysis of microscopic details of reaction processes in shock wave apparatus and flow reactors. Spectroscopic properties, energy transfer processes are studied with laser-based methods. Systems for the synthesis of nanoparticles are available from the laboratory scale to pilot-plant production scale. Combustion processes are investigated in laboratory flames and in large systems such as turbulent flames and  in internal combustion engine test cells.

There are numerous laser systems (UV tunable lasers, tunable excimer lasers, high-repetition-rate Nd:YAG laser).

A comprehensive equipment fleet with imaging detectors (EMCCD, ICCD, high-repetition-rate CMOS camera) is used for imaging diagnostics, for example of the in-situ detection of quantitative concentration distributions in reaction processes.

A total of five shock tubes (up to 500 bar peak pressure), equipped with absorption techniques (ARAS, ring-dye laser absorption, kinetic spectrometer and high-repetition-rate mass spectrometry) are used to elucidate the rate of elementary reactions of complex reaction mechanisms.

Reaction cells and flow equipment are available from high vacuum to 40 bar.