Gas-phase synthesis of tailored nanoparticles

PD Dr. habil. Hartmut Wiggers

  • Synthesis of highly-specific nanoparticles with tailored composition, size, and morphology in flames, plasmas, and wall-heated reactors
  • In-situ- and ex-situ characterization of synthesized materials with spectroscopic methods, BET, and TEM
  • Investigation of the kinetics of fundamental processes of particle formation and growth in flow reactors with optical in-situ diagnostics and in-line mass spectrometry
  • Surface functionalization and synthesis of nanocomposites
    Scale-up of synthesis processes
  • Synthesis of functional materials for energy applications in the context of the NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum, NETZ

Laser diagnostics in reactive flows and in internal combustion engines

Dr. Thomas Dreier
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kaiser

  • Development and application of laser-based techniques for non-intrusive measurement of concentration, temperature, droplet- and particle-size, as well as flow velocity in reactive flows
  • Quantitative imaging measurements of concentration and temperature distribution in flames, internal combustion engine cylinders, reactive and non-reactive flows
  • Development of minimal invasive detectors for imaging measurements in cavities
  • Analysis of the spectroscopic properties of organic molecules and nanoparticular substances
  • Analysis of processes in internal combustion engines and turbulent reaction processes based on laser-spectroscopic method

Analysis of high-temperatures reaction kinetics

Dr. Mustapha Fikri

  • Analysis of the kinetics of combustion, ignition and particle formation reactions in shockwave reactors on the basis of elementary reactions and with full reaction schemes. Reactions are started by the instantaneous temperature rise in a shock wave and subsequent reactions are monitored with optical techniques and mass spectrometry
  • Measurement of ignition delay times as a function of pressure and temperature for pure compounds and commercial fuels
  • Determination of extensive reaction schemes for various fields as combustion chemistry, pyrolysis of large molecules, particle formation, and particle oxidation

Internal Combustion Engines

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kaiser


Prof. Dr. Doris Segets


  • Production of oxide and metal nanomaterials from high-temperature gas-phase processes
  • Quantitative laser optical diagnostics in flowing, mixing, and reacting gaseous systems: Concentration, temperature, velocity, particle and droplet size
  • Determination of reaction rates of high-temperature reactions: Ignition delay times, influence of additives on ignition, pyrolytic reactions, particle-formation, and particle-oxidation
System for synthesis of highly-specific nanoparticles with tailored composition (cooperation with IUTA)
optically accessible engine for detailed study of inner-engine operations
Shock tube to investigate ultrafast reactions in the gas phase
Laser optical measurement of species distribution in industrial flames