Sprays: Spray Flame Measurements

An ethanol spray flame was characterized experimentally with laser-based imaging techniques. The data was used to validate numerical simulation codes of spray combustion and good agreement to the experimental data was found. The experiments include spatially-resolved measurements of droplet sizes (Mie/LIF-dropsizing and PDA), droplet velocity (PIV and PDA), liquid phase temperature (two-color LIF temperature imaging with Rhodamine B) and gas-phase temperature (multi-line NO-LIF temperature imaging). Data obtained close to the nozzle exit was used as initial conditions for numerical simulations. The data will be published on this website and may be used for validation purposes by groups developing numerical simulation codes.


[1] I. Düwel, H.-W. Ge, H. Kronemayer, R. W. Dibble, E. Gutheil, C. Schulz, and J. Wolfrum, "Experimental and numerical characterization of a turbulent spray flame," Proc. Combust. Inst. 31, in press (2006).  


Further informations and measurement data