Gas-phase temperature measurements in Bunsen type flames

The gas temperature in an atmospheric pressure ethylene/air premixed Taran burner flame was measured using the multi-line NO-LIF thermometry. The results are presented in Fig.1. Photographs are shown in the 1st row. The technique yields the temperature field (2nd row), the NO-LIF signal strength (3rd row), and the scattering background as the baseline of the spectra (4th row). In the sooting flame, the scattering off the soot particles gets so strong that a detection light filter has to be used to block the scattering and only detect NO-LIF.

Multi Line Abb1

Multi Line Abb2

Multi Line Abb3

Figure 1: 1st row: Photograph of the flame; 2nd row: gas-phase temperature field; 3rd row: NO-LIF signal strength; 4th row: Scattering background as baseline of the spectra

The automated data interpretation is carried out with the spectra simulation program lifsim ( that has been developed in house.