Prof. Dr. Thomas Dreier

Curriculum Vitae

Diploma(Physics): Direct investigation of the reaction of hydroxyl radicals with vibrationally excited CO molecules
Göttingen University (Prof. H. Gg. Wagner), Göttingen
Promotion (rer. nat.): Investigation of laser-induced radickal reactions using time-resolved infrared- and CARS spectroscopy. Max-Planck-Institut für Strömungsforschung (Prof. H. Gg. Wagner), Göttingen.
DFG postdoc fellowship, Combustion Research Facility (Sandia National Laboratory), Livermore (USA).
Habilitation (Physical Chemistry) at the Faculty of Chemistry, Heidelberg University. About the application of non-linear four-wave mixing spectroscopic techniques as laser diagnostic methods in chemical processes. Granting for lecturing (Venia legendi) for Physical Chemistry
Senior Scientist, Institute for Technical Combustion (ITV, Prof. U. Maas), Stuttgart University
Project Scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute (Department of General Energy), Villigen PSI (Switzerland)
Since 2007
Senior Scientist, Institute for Energy and Environmental Techniques (IUTA), Duisburg
Research and lecturing, Institute for Combustion and Gasdynamics (IVG, Prof. C. Schulz), Univ. Duisburg-Essen

Research Activities

  • Time and spectrally resolved laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) of tracer molecules
  • Spectrally and space resolved chemiluminescence in laminar counter-flow diffusion flames and premixed turbulent flames
  • Planar LIF of OH/H2CO for the visualization of local heat release in turbulent swirl flames
  • Time-resolved laser-induced incendescence (LII) in flames (at low and high pressure)


Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft (DBG)
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)
The Combustion Institute (Deutsche Sektion)





Thomas Dreier

Fields of research

  • Laser diagnostics in reactive flows




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