Specific information regarding IwiS language classes for ISE students

  • Taking the IwiS placement tests, German and English is mandatory!
  • between 13 March and 04 April 2024
  • Do not use mobile phones or tablets!
  • The tests are linked in Moodle (registration with University ID required):

         Placement test German             Placement test English

  • Test results (indicating the advised CEFR level to register for) can be found in Moodle.

Please note:
Do not cheat!

  • We know that there are many ways to manipulate test results. 
  • This will not work with our tests:

If we find out in class that your language level is significantly lower than the course level, we will not grant you permission to continue the class. It will then no longer be possible to gain credit points or course certificates. You have to wait until summer semester 2024 , before you can join a suitable class.

Exemptions from language classes through IwiS test results only (Moodle recommends C1 level) are not possible! In addition, an oral examination has to be passed.

  • If you received a C1 recommendation after the placement test, you can of course attend a C1 course – but no B2 classes.
  • If you received a C1 recommendation after the placement test, you can contact us between 29 April and 08 May 2024 via e-mail (sprachkurse@uni-due.de) to asked for an appointment for an oral exam. You will be allocated a date for an oral exam which will take place in May 2024 – in person.
  • If you can confirm the C1 level in the oral exam, you will be exempted from language classes.
  • If you cannot confirm the C1 level in the oral exam, you cannot participate in IwiS language classes until August/September 2024! The level to be attended is determined by the IwiS staff in accordance with your oral exam results.




Registration for German and English classes

  • between 13 March and 04 April 2024 (8 am)
  • via LSF (registration with University ID required)
  • Only register for language classes that match your test result (in Moodle)!
  • Only register if you can and want to meet all the requirements (see below)!!!

Language classes take place in different formats. There will be pure face-to-face courses, blended learning events and pure online courses. Please refer to the course or group descriptions in LSF for the respective course format.  Synchronous e-teaching in blended learning and online courses (videoconferencing/Moodle) requires the following basic technical equipment:

  • technical requirements: stable internet connection, webcam and microphone
  • for technical support you can contact the ZIM: https://www.uni-due.de/zim/studium.php


Regular attendance is mandatory in IwiS language classes - in all teaching formats!

  • 85% of the class must be completed in online presence (moodle/videoconferences).
  • You may not miss more than 4x90 minutes (for 4 SWS) or 2x90 minutes (for 2 SWS).

Final exams must be attended in person.

  • regular attendance (see above) = admission to final examinations (in presence)
  • no additional registration for exams required