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Between tradition and change Educational Research at the UDE

Education-related research at the UDE builds up on a long and successful tradition and has developed to be a central task of the University in the region and country.  Lecture and research in this field have a correspondingly high social relevance, not least with regard to the competences of future student generations. The investigation and understanding of educational processes, educational results and the influencing factors therefore stand in a special scientific and social context, the impact of which becomes clear by the funding policy.


In a region very strongly affected by structural changes, the evidence-based further development of ecuational approaches conducive to development and learning under consideration of specific social conditions is of special importance. The differentiated observance of these complex interrelationships takes place at the UDE in an experienced academic environment. The UDE has one of the largest Faculties of Education in Germany and an especially extensive and diversified teaching methodology.

Thus, the IZfB is to offer the collegues who work on the subject with different theoretical and methodological approaches in various faculties and institutions of the UDE a widespread, coordinating and supportive frame for intensive exchange processes and new common research networks.


Profile building The research activities of the IZfB members

The profile of educational research at the UDE is shaped by the following research areas: 

  • School and teaching research
  • Extracurricular Educational Research
  • Research on professionalization
  • Educational research over the lifespan

In these areas, thematic fields can be further identified which are worked on by different operators of Educational Research at the UDE (partially in cooperation), e.g. in the fields MINT, language tuition, New Media/E-Learning or political education. Such possible profile-enhancing subject clusters can be identified in the new Centre of Educational Research and be made visible to the outside world.

Same as other, individually treated fields, which stand for the versatility and wide spectrum of Educational Research at the University Duisburg-Essen.  

The widespread approach to Science of Education also comprises the concept of education in the sense of life-long learning, from early childhood until adulthood, including the transistions between these phases and institutions (e.g. from pre-prep institutions to school, between the educational systems at school and training system later on, into University and into professional life including further training on the job.). Equally, the research objective may be versatile, e.g. in the sense of conception, description, intervention and transfer.




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