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  • R. Simon and W. Zulehner. On Schwarz-type smoothers for elliptic optimal control problems. Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress on Industrial Applied Mathematics (ICIAM07) and GAMM Annual Meeting, Zürich, 2007

  • R. Simon and W. Zulehner. Patch Smoothers for Saddle Point Problems with Applications to PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems. Domain decomposition methods in science and engineering XVIII. Selected papers based on the presentations at the 18th international conference of domain decomposition methods, Jerusalem, Israel, January 12-17, 2008. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 70, 153-160, (2009)

Dissertation und Diplom

  • R. Simon. Approximation elliptischer Optimalsteuerprobleme. Diplomarbeit, TU Berlin, 2004

  • R. Simon. Multigrid Solvers for Saddle Point Problems in PDE-Constrained Optimization. Dissertation, JKU Linz, 2008