Development of Lightweight Racking machines based on Cable Robot Technology from NRW (LEAN)

In this project, the research and development of a new Lightweight Racking machine based on Cable Robot technology is being implemented. A consortium of companies and research institutes from NRW develops the innovative top solutions necessary for the implementation as components and subsystems in order to be able to offer the most efficient shelf control units on the market based project results. Compared to conventional shelf systems, the project pursues a radically new approach from the conventional system, only the function of the single-paging device remains as a platform. This is now guided by a system of tensioned cables in front of the shelf. These ropes are wound up or unwound by a coordinated control of several cable winches, thus enabling a precise positioning of the on-retrieval device together with the payload in front of the high rack. With consequent use of lightweight construction techniques, the drive power provided is almost exclusively used for the movement of the payload. The energy-consuming acceleration and braking processes for the comparatively high masses are dispensed with conventional shelf operating units. A weight reduction of around 90% can be regarded as realistic based on preliminary tests. Drastic energy savings and increases in performance are thus possible.

The project scope is around € 2.4 million, supported by Leitmarktwettbewerb MobilitätLogistik.NRW

Project duration:

36 months (04/2016 to 04/2019)

Project coordinator at the Chair of Mechatronics:

  • Christopher Reichert
  • Tobias Bruckmann
  • Michael Meik
  • Patrik Lemmen
  • Roland Boumann

Project partners:

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