The Chair of Mechatronics offers varioius courses to the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs' students under the Faculty of Engineering. The Subjects will explain the basic principles of Mechtronics and provide knowledge in vehicle dynamics, sensor technology and manipulator technology.The students can also learn how to use numerical methods, the use of modern simulation methods and the design and planning of mechatronic systems and components.

The lectures provided in the Master's degree level are strongly related to the research areas in vehicle technology and manipulator technology and consequently, their Masters' Theses are also offered in these areas.

The materials and videos for lectures can be easily accessed in the online platform Moodle.

In addition, scripts and study materials are available for some lectures in printed form at the Heinrich Heine bookstore (Lotharstraße 80, 47057 Duisburg).

Numerik Skript   Skript Bussysteme   Modellbildung   Skript Modelling

For the convenience of students, almost all written and oral examinations are offered in German as well as in English (non-binding translation support).

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