MAUBE - Car concrete spreader model


MAUBE - (German: Modell eines Auto-Betonverteilers) Car concrete spreader model

The large manipulator FH22 from Putzmeister is a system consisting of five arms and a tower slewing ring. The arms are connected to each other by simple, axis-parallel swivel joints. The connection to the carrier vehicle is provided by a slewing ring on which a column is mounted whose axis of rotation is orthogonal to the axes of rotation of the arms. Thus, the basic kinematic structure corresponds to that of an articulated robot with six rotational degrees of freedom. The swivel angles of the arms are up to 270 degrees and are achieved through the use of deflection mechanisms. The drive is hydraulic.
This system is used for handling heavy loads in construction, shipbuilding and forestry. Special mention should be made of its use as a concrete pump or for cleaning aircraft. Currently, the movement guidance of the system is carried out manually in axis-specific coordinates with a radio or cable remote control.


For the simulation and testing of newly developed control and regulation concepts, a miniature model of the FH22 car concrete spreader was designed and constructed on a scale of 1:20 at the Chair of Mechatronics. The drive of the model has been realised by miniature hydraulic components, corresponding to the real system. The control is currently implemented on a controller system consisting of seven 80C592 microcontrollers.
Contact person:  Dipl.-Ing. F. Bekes