Start-Up mercatronics

Start-Up mercatronics

Small and medium-sized companies in mechanical engineering are strong partners for innovative developments in Germany. In many cases, however, it is not topics in the area of basic research that specifically occupy the companies, but rather the targeted and cost-effective application of modern mechatronic system solutions.

Offering these solutions in a customised and product-ready manner was the idea behind the foundation of mercatronics GmbH, which was founded in 2008 as a start-up of the Chair of Mechatronics. The founding idea was awarded the "StartUp Duisburg - Existenzgründerpreis 2008". Under the leadership of Managing Director Jens Diepenbruck, the company quickly developed broad competencies and project experience that still cover an enormous spectrum today. Projects have been successfully implemented in all sectors, from heavy and agricultural machinery construction to laboratory and analysis technology to electronics development. The company works with international partners - from micro-enterprises to large corporations - and today oversees product developments in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and China, among other countries.

In the realisation of mechatronic system solutions, mercatronics GmbH uses a well-equipped toolbox: in addition to the development and production of mechanical and electronic components, microcontrollers (including Arduino and ARM), PLC technology and robot systems are integrated into cost-effective solutions and supplied from prototype to small series. Project management and software development complete the portfolio. Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile as user interfaces are increasingly gaining customer interest.

Today, mercatronics GmbH continues to be a partner of the Chair of Mechatronics, e.g. in research projects for the technology transfer of basic research results into industrial applications. The deliberately complementary expertise is the basis for productive and successful cooperation.



  • Tobias Bruckmann
  • Jens Diepenbruck
  • Christian Heckhoff
  • Lars Mikelsons
  • Christian Sturm

Participating chairs/departments of the UDE:

Chair of Mechatronics

  • Thorsten Brandt
  • small business management


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