Molecular determinants of the cellular radiation response and their potential for response modulation

The aim of GRK 1739 is to achieve a better mechanistic understanding of the key molecules that determine the cellular response to ionizing radiation and thus radiation sensitivity with the goal of providing a scientific basis for effective response modulation.
In doing so, the program offers graduate students in the areas of biology, biochemistry and medicine the opportunity of obtaining a qualified multidisciplinary education and training in the basic, translational and clinical research aspects of the radiation sciences and biomedicine.

About us

Retreat May Meeting at Möhnesee

The annual meeting of the GRK 1739 took place in 2019 in the Hotel Delecke Möhnesee. Once a year all members come together for three days.  In the peaceful environment away from the daily work routine, graduates have the possibility to discuss the progress of their scientific work with the professors. A good tradition of the renowned retreats is the participation of 2-3 guest scientists. For the graduates, a good opportunity for networking with a perspective of a later scientific career.

Dieter Frankenberg Young Investigator Award Dr. Johann Matschke

Dr. Johann Matschke, one of the first graduates of the DFG-funded Graduiertenkolleg 1739, was awarded the Dieter Frankenberg Young Investigator Award of the German Society for Biological Radiation Research (DeGBS) at the General Assembly in December 2020.

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Research Stay Stay abroad at the Center of Cancer and Immunology Research Nantes

As a member of the RTG1739 I had the opportunity to get financial support to perform a research stay abroad. I visited the lab of Dr. François Paris at the Center of Cancer and Immunology Research in Nantes, France from January 4th until March 29th 2019.

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International Conference DNA Damage and Beyond

The International Conference of the GRK 1739 in October 2019 was a great success. About 100 participants were interested in the lectures of internationally renowned scientists on current topics of radiation research in oncology. The conference focused especially on the direct scientific exchange between the young scientists and the invited international experts. The GRK 1739 awarded 3 poster prizes for the best poster to the young scientists.

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