GRK 1739 - Research Projects

Project 13Identifying and targeting resistance mechanisms to 177Lu-PSMA radioligand therapy of metastatic prostate cancer

Principle Investigator

Prof. Dr. med. Ken Herrmann

Clinic for Nuclear Medicine
Essen University Hospital

Prof. Dr. Ken Herrmann


The group of Ken Herrmann focuses on translation of theranostic concepts using radioactively labelled peptide analogues to diagnose and treat cancer. Somatostatin receptor targeted theranostic has recently been approved based on accurate diagnosis and effective therapy of patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NETs). More recently, highly specific ligands binding to the prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) have been developed. PSMA is a plasma membrane glycoprotein expressed at high levels on the surface of prostate cancer cells. 177Lu-PSMA617 radioligand therapy (RLT) reduces tumor load in more than 50% of patients and improves pain and quality of life. However, more than one third of patients will not respond to 177Lu-PSMA617 RLT. Initial responders to RLT demonstrate recurrence after delays in disease progression. Hence, there is a need to understand and target resistance to 177Lu-PSMA617 RLT. This project investigates RLT resistance mechanisms in preclinical models of mCRPC. This project attempts to identify relevant pathways of resistance and aims to overcome those.

Selected Publications

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*shared first author