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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Jägers, Johannes; Kirsch, Michael; Cantore, Miriam; Karaman, Ozan; Ferenz, Katja
    Artificial oxygen carriers in organ preservation : Dose dependency in a rat model of ex-vivo normothermic kidney perfusion
    In: Artificial Organs Jg. 46 (2022) Nr. 9, S. 1783 - 1793
  • Jaegers, Johannes; Haferkamp, Sven; Arnolds, Oliver; Moog, Daniel; Wrobeln, Anna; Nocke, Fabian; Cantore, Miriam; Pütz, Stefanie; Hartwig, Anne; Franzkoch, Rico; Psathaki, Olympia Ekaterini; Jastrow, Holger; Schauerte, Carsten; Stoll, Raphael; Kirsch, Michael; Ferenz, Katja
    Deciphering the Emulsification Process to Create an Albumin-Perfluorocarbon-(o/w) Nanoemulsion with High Shelf Life and Bioresistivity
    In: Langmuir Jg. 38 (2022) Nr. 34, S. 10351 - 10361
  • Johnson, Brian; Brand, David; Zimmerman, Edward; Kirsch, Michael
    Drive, instinct, reflex : Applications to treatment of anxiety, depressive and addictive disorders
    In: Frontiers in Psychology Jg. 13 (2022) 870415
  • Kirsch, Michael; Korth, Hans-Gert
    Solvent Cage Concept for the Homolytic Fragmentation of the Peroxynitrite-CO2 Adduct, ONOOCO2–
    In: Chemical Research in Toxicology Jg. 35 (2022) Nr. 7, S. 1135 - 1145
  • Kirsch, Michael; Dimitrijevic, Aleksandar; Buchholz, Michael B.
    “Death drive” scientifically reconsidered: : Not a drive but a collection of trauma-induced auto-addictive diseases
    In: Frontiers in Psychology Jg. 13 (2022) 941328
  • Ringwood, Thomas; Cox, Lindsay; Felldin, Breanna; Kirsch, Michael; Johnson, Brian
    Drive and Instinct : How They Produce Relatedness and Addiction
    In: Frontiers in Psychology Jg. 12 (2021) 657944
  • Dominowski, Lisa; Kirsch, Michael
    Synergistic Effect of β-alanine and Aprotinin on Mesenteric Ischemia
    In: Journal of Surgical Research Jg. 263 (2021) S. 78 - 88
  • Schakowski, Kai Melvin; Elm, Christian; Linders, Jürgen; Kirsch, Michael
    Synthesis and characterization of enzymatically active micrometer protein-capsules
    In: Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology Jg. 49 (2021) Nr. 1, S. 606 - 613
  • Smolin, Daniel; Tötsch, Niklas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Linders, Jürgen; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Kirsch, Michael; Hoffmann, Daniel; Schrader, Thomas
    Accelerated trypsin autolysis by affinity polymer templates
    In: RSC Advances Jg. 10 (2020) Nr. 48, S. 28711 - 28719
  • Smolin, Daniel; Tötsch, Niklas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Linders, Jürgen; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Kirsch, Michael; Hoffmann, Daniel; Schrader, Thomas
    Accelerated trypsin autolysis by affinity polymer templates
    In: RSC Advances Jg. 10 (2020) Nr. 48, S. 28711 - 28719
  • Wrobeln, Anna; Jägers, Johannes; Quinting, Theresa; Schreiber, Timm; Kirsch, Michael; Fandrey, Joachim; Ferenz, Katja
    Albumin-derived perfluorocarbon-based artificial oxygen carriers can avoid hypoxic tissue damage in massive hemodilution
    In: Scientific Reports Jg. 10 (2020) Nr. 1, S. 11950
  • Kirsch, Michael; Buchholz, Michael B.
    On the Nature of the Mother-Infant Tie and Its Interaction With Freudian Drives
    In: Frontiers in Psychology Jg. 11 (2020) S. 317
  • Mayer, Dirk; Guerrero, FranÇois; Goanvec, Christelle; Hetzel, Lisa; Linders, Jürgen; Ljubkovic, Marko; Kreczy, Alfons; Mayer, Christian; Kirsch, Michael; Ferenz, Katja
    Prevention of Decompression Sickness by Novel Artificial Oxygen Carriers
    In: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Jg. 52 (2020) Nr. 10, S. 2127 - 2135
  • Schakowski, Kai Melvin; Linders, Jürgen; Ferenz, Katja; Kirsch, Michael
    Synthesis and characterisation of aqueous haemoglobin-based microcapsules coated by genipin-cross-linked albumin
    In: Journal of Microencapsulation Jg. 37 (2020) Nr. 3, S. 193 - 204
  • Korth, Hans-Gert; Kirsch, Michael
    Letter to the Editor Regarding the Article "Reaction of CO₂ with ONOO⁻: One Molecule of CO₂ is not Enough" by Koppenol and Co-Workers, 2018
    In: Chemical Research in Toxicology Jg. 32 (2019) Nr. 6, S. 946 - 948
  • Effenberger-Neidnicht, Katharina; Bornmann, Simon; Jägers, Johannes; Patyk, Vivien; Kirsch, Michael
    Microvascular stasis and hemolysis: coincidence or causality?
    In: Journal of Inflammation Research Jg. 12 (2019) S. 109 - 111
  • Kirsch, Michael
    On the Abilities of Unconscious Freudian Motivational Drives to Evoke Conscious Emotions.
    In: Frontiers in Psychology Jg. 10 (2019) S. 470
  • Mayer, D.; Guerrero, Francois; Goanvec, C.; Kreczy, A.; Ljubkovic, M.; Mayer, Christian; Kirsch, Michael; Ferenz, Katja;
    Prevention of decompression illness : recently developed albumin-derived perfluorocarbon-based nanocapsules prove effectiveness on a clinical, biochemical and histological level
    98th Meeting of the German Physiological Society, 30 September ‐ 2 October 2019, Ulm, Germany,
    In: Acta Physiologica Jg. 227 (2019) Nr. S719, B 04-12
  • Effenberger-Neidnicht, Katharina; Brauckmann, Stephan; Jägers, Johannes; Patyk, Vivien; Waack, Indra Naemi; Kirsch, Michael
    Protective Effects of Sodium Pyruvate during Systemic Inflammation Limited to the Correction of Metabolic Acidosis
    In: Inflammation Jg. 42 (2019) Nr. 2, S. 598 - 605
  • Köhler, Jannis; Ruschke, Jegor; Ferenz, Katja; Esen, Cemal; Kirsch, Michael; Ostendorf, Andreas
    Investigation of albumin-derived perfluorocarbon-based capsules by holographic optical trapping
    In: Biomedical Optics Express Jg. 9 (2018) Nr. 2, S. 743 - 754
  • Jägers, Johannes; Brauckmann, Stephan; Kirsch, Michael; Effenberger-Neidnicht, Katharina
    Moderate glucose supply reduces hemolysis during systemic inflammation
    In: Journal of Inflammation Research Jg. 11 (2018) S. 87 - 94
  • Kirsch, Michael; Mertens, Wolfgang
    On the drive specificity of Freudian drives for the generation of SEEKING activities : The importance of the underestimated imperative motor factor
    In: Frontiers in Psychology Jg. 9 (2018) S. 616
  • Effenberger-Neidnicht, Katharina; Jägers, Johannes; Verhaegh, Rabea; Kirsch, Michael
    Therapeutic effects of physostigmine during systemic inflammation.
    In: Journal of Inflammation Research Jg. 11 (2018) S. 465 - 475
  • Wrobeln, Anna; Laudien, Julia; Groß-Heitfeld, Christoph; Linders, Jürgen; Mayer, Christian; Wilde, Benjamin; Knoll, Tanja; Naglav, Dominik; Kirsch, Michael; Ferenz, Katja
    Albumin-derived perfluorocarbon-based artificial oxygen carriers : A physico-chemical characterization and first in vivo evaluation of biocompatibility
    In: European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics Jg. 115 (2017) S. 52 - 64
  • Brencher, Lisa; Verhaegh, Rabea; Kirsch, Michael
    Attenuation of intestinal ischemia-reperfusion-injury by β-alanine : a potentially glycine-receptor mediated effect
    In: Journal of Surgical Research Jg. 211 (2017) S. 233 - 241
  • Müller, Tobias; Kirsch, Michael; Petrat, Frank
    Attenuation of multiple organ damage by continuous low-dose solvent-free infusions of resveratrol after severe hemorrhagic shock in rats
    In: Nutrients Jg. 9 (2017) Nr. 8, S. 889
  • Verhaegh, Rabea; Petrat, Frank; Brencher, Lisa; Kirsch, Michael; de Groot, Herbert
    Autodigestion by migrated trypsin is a major factor in small intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury
    In: Journal of Surgical Research Jg. 219 (2017) S. 266 - 278
  • Stych, Katrin; Hamburger, Tim; Brencher, Lisa; Kirsch, Michael; Petrat, Frank
    Effect of Glycine, Pyruvate, and Resveratrol on the Regeneration Process of Postischemic Intestinal Mucosa
    In: BioMed Research International (2017) 1072969
  • Wrobeln, Anna; Schlüter, Klaus D.; Linders, Jürgen; Zähres, Manfred; Mayer, Christian; Kirsch, Michael; Ferenz, Katja
    Functionality of albumin-derived perfluorocarbon-based artificial oxygen carriers in the Langendorff-heart
    In: Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology Jg. 45 (2017) Nr. 4, S. 723 - 730
  • Jagers, J.; Brauckmann, S.; Kirsch, Michael; Effenberger-Neidnicht, K.
    Hemolysis and glucose metabolism during systemic inflammation : responses to intravenous glucose infusions
    In: Infection - A Journal of Infectious Disease Jg. 45 (2017) Nr. Suppl. 1, S. S11 - S12 Abstract 044
  • Gilles, Patrick; Wenck, Kirstin; Stratmann, Inga; Kirsch, Michael; Smolin, Daniel; Schaller, Torsten; De Groot, Herbert; Kraft, Arno; Schrader, Thomas
    High-Affinity copolymers inhibit digestive enzymes by surface recognition
    In: Biomacromolecules Jg. 18 (2017) Nr. 6, S. 1772 - 1784
  • Wilch, Constanze; Talbiersky, Peter; Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta; Schaller, Torsten; Kirsch, Michael; Klärner, Frank-Gerrit; Schrader, Thomas
    Molecular tweezers inhibit PARP-1 by a new mechanism
    In: European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2017) Nr. 16, S. 2223 - 2229
  • Kirsch, Michael; Kipkeew, Friederike; Klein, Diana; Wülling, Manuela; Winterhager, Elke; Gellhaus, Alexandra
    CCN3 signaling is dysregulated in the pregnancy disorder preeclampsia
    In: Journal of Reproductive Immunology Jg. 115 (2016) S. 71 - 71
  • Laudien, Julia; Groß-Heitfeld, Christoph; Mayer, Christian; de Groot, Herbert; Kirsch, Michael; Ferenz, Katja
    Perfluorodecalin-filled Poly(n-butyl-cyanoacrylate) nanocapsules as potential artificial oxygen carriers : preclinical safety and biocompatibility
    In: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Jg. 15 (2015) Nr. 8, S. 5637 - 5648
  • Laudien, Julia; Naglav, Dominik; Groß-Heidfeld, Christian; Ferenz, Katja; de Groot, Herbert; Mayer, Christian; Schulz, Stephan; Schnepf, Andreas; Kirsch, Michael
    Perfluorodecalin-soluble fluorescent dyes for the monitoring of circulating nanocapsules with intravital fluorescence microscopy
    In: Journal of Microencapsulation Jg. 31 (2014) Nr. 8, S. 738 - 745
  • Ferenz, Katja; Waack, Indra N.; Laudien, Julia; Mayer, Christian; Bröcker-Preuß, Martina; de Groot, Herbert; Kirsch, Michael
    Safety of poly (ethylene glycol)-coated perfluorodecalin-filled poly (lactide-co-glycolide) microcapsules following intravenous administration of high amounts in rats
    In: Results in Pharma Sciences Jg. 4 (2014) S. 8 - 18
  • Ferenz, Katja; Waack, Indra N.; Mayer, Christian; de Groot, Herbert; Kirsch, Michael
    Long-circulating poly(ethylene glycol)-coated poly(lactid-co-glycolid) microcapsules as potential carriers for intravenously administered drugs
    In: Journal of Microencapsulation Jg. 30 (2013) Nr. 7, S. 632 - 642
  • Opländer, Christian; Deck, Annika; Volkmar, Christine M.; Kirsch, Michael; Liebmann, Jörg; Born, Matthias; Van Abeelen, Frank; Van Faassen, Ernst E.; Kröncke, Klaus-Dietrich; Windolf, Joachim; Suschek, Christoph V.
    Mechanism and biological relevance of blue-light (420-453 nm)-induced nonenzymatic nitric oxide generation from photolabile nitric oxide derivates in human skin in vitro and in vivo
    In: Free Radical Biology and Medicine Jg. 65 (2013) S. 1363 - 1377
  • Wiesweg, M.; Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta; Fandrey, Joachim; Petrat, Frank; de Groot, H.; Kirsch, Michael
    Rocket fuel for the quantification of S-nitrosothiols : highly specific reduction of S-nitrosothiols to thiols by methylhydrazine
    In: Free Radical Research Jg. 47 (2013) Nr. 2, S. 104 - 115
  • Korth, Hans-Gert; Meier, Ann-Cathérine; Auferkamp, Oliver; Sicking, Willi; de Groot, Herbert; Sustmann, Reiner; Kirsch, Michael
    Ascorbic acid reduction of Compound i of mammalian catalases proceeds via specific binding to the NADPH binding pocket
    In: Biochemistry Jg. 51 (2012) Nr. 23, S. 4693 - 4703
  • Niecknig, Helene; Tug, Suzan; Reyes, Buena Delos; Kirsch, Michael; Fandrey, Joachim; Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta
    Role of reactive oxygen species in the regulation of HIF-1 by prolyl hydroxylase 2 under mild hypoxia
    In: Free Radical Research Jg. 46 (2012) Nr. 6, S. 705 - 717
  • Kirsch, Michael; Bramey, Thorsten; Waack, Indra N.; Petrat, Frank; Mayer, Christian; de Groot, Herbert
    The necessity for the coating of perfluorodecalin-filled poly (lactide-co-glycolide) microcapsules in the presence of physiological cholate concentrations : Tetronic-908 as exemplary polymeric surfactant
    In: Journal of Microencapsulation Jg. 29 (2012) Nr. 1, S. 30 - 38
  • Klärner, Frank-Gerrit; Kirsch, Michael; de Groot, Herbert; Schaller, Torsten; Campana Kuchenbrandt, Mireia; Talbiersky, Peter; Bastkoswki, Frank; Polkowska, Jolanta; Schrader, Thomas
    Effect of molecular clips and tweezers on enzymatic reactions by binding coenzymes and basic amino acids
    In: Pure and Applied Chemistry Jg. 82 (2010) Nr. 4, S. 991 - 999
  • Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta; Tug, Suzan; Kirsch, Michael; Fandrey, Joachim
    Oxygen-sensing under the influence of nitric oxide
    In: Cellular Signalling Jg. 22 (2010) Nr. 3, S. 349 - 356
  • Bauer, Joachim; Zähres, Manfred; Zellermann, Anna-Maria; Kirsch, Michael; Petrat, Frank; de Groot, Herbert; Mayer, Christian
    Perfluorocarbon-filled poly(lactide-co-gylcolide) nano- and microcapsules as artificial oxygen carriers for blood substitutes: a physico-chemical assessment
    In: Journal of Microencapsulation Jg. 27 (2010) Nr. 2, S. 122 - 132
  • Berchner-Pfannschmidt, Utta; Tug, Suzan; Hu, Jun; Reyes, Buena Delos; Fandrey, Joachim; Kirsch, Michael
    Role of N-acetyl-N-nitroso-tryptophan as nitric oxide donor in the modulation of HIF-1-dependent signaling
    In: Biological Chemistry Jg. 391 (2010) Nr. 5, S. 533 - 540
  • Erhard, J.; Kirsch, Michael; Bramey, T.; Petrat, Frank; Mayer, C.; de Groot, H.
    The First Steps In Redefining Artificial Oxygen Carriers (AOC) for Clinical Use
    In: Transfusion Jg. 50 (2010) Nr. 11, S. 2517 - 2518
  • Volkmar, Christine M.; Vukadinovič-Walter, Britta; Opländer, Christian; Bozkurt, Ahmet; Korth, Hans-Gert; Kirsch, Michael; Mahotka, Csaba; Pallua, Norbert; Suschek, Christoph V.
    UVA-induced phenoxyl radical formation : a new cytotoxic principle in photodynamic therapy
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  • Grasemann, Hartmut; Storm van's Gravesande, K.; Gärtig, S.; Kirsch, Michael; Büscher (R.), Rainer; Drazen, J. M.; Ratjen, Felix
    Nasal nitric oxide levels in cystic fibrosis patients are associated with a neuronal NO synthase (NOS1) gene polymorphism
    In: Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry Jg. 6 (2002) Nr. 2, S. 236 - 241