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Universitätsstr 5
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  • Wiss. Mitarbeiterinnen/Mitarbeiter, One Health Ruhr - Environmental Metagenomics

  • Wiss. Mitarbeiterinnen/Mitarbeiter, Prof. Probst

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Meyer, Benjamin; Pannekens, Mark; Soares, André; Timmermann, Lara; Probst, Alexander J.; Hippelein, Martin; Bendinger, Bernd; Nocker, Andreas
    Bacterial populations in different parts of domestic drinking water systems are distinct and adapted to the given ambient temperatures
    In: Frontiers in Water Jg. 5 (2023) 1119951
  • Táncsics, András; Banerjee, Sinchan; Soares, André; Bedics, Anna; Kriszt, Balázs
    Combined Omics Approach Reveals Key Differences between Aerobic and Microaerobic Xylene-Degrading Enrichment Bacterial Communities : Rhodoferax─A Hitherto Unknown Player Emerges from the Microbial Dark Matter
    In: Environmental Science & Technology Jg. 57 (2023) Nr. 7, S. 2846 - 2855
  • Simon, Sophie A.; Schmidt, Katharina; Griesdorn, Lea; Soares, André R.; Bornemann, Till L. V.; Probst, Alexander J.
    Dancing the Nanopore limbo – Nanopore metagenomics from small DNA quantities for bacterial genome reconstruction
    In: BMC Genomics Jg. 24 (2023) Nr. 1, 727
  • Rahlff, Janina; Esser, Sarah P.; Plewka, Julia; Heinrichs, Mara Elena; Soares, André; Scarchilli, Claudio; Grigioni, Paolo; Wex, Heike; Giebel, Helge-Ansgar; Probst, Alexander J.
    Marine viruses disperse bidirectionally along the natural water cycle
    In: Nature Communications Jg. 14 (2023) Nr. 1, 6354
  • Hay, Melanie C.; Mitchell, Andrew C.; Soares, André; Debbonaire, Aliyah R.; Mogrovejo, Diana C.; Els, Nora; Edwards, Arwyn
    Metagenome-assembled genomes from High Arctic glaciers highlight the vulnerability of glacier-associated microbiota and their activities to habitat loss
    In: Microbial Genomics Jg. 9 (2023) Nr. 11, 001131
  • Banas, Indra; Esser, Sarah P.; Turzynski, Victoria; Soares, André; Novikova, Polina; May, Patrick; Moraru, Cristina; Hasenberg, Mike; Rahlff, Janina; Wilmes, Paul; Klingl, Andreas; Probst, Alexander J.
    Spatio-functional organization in virocells of small uncultivated archaea from the deep biosphere
    In: ISME Journal Jg. 17 (2023) Nr. 10, S. 1789 - 1792
  • Stach, Tom L.; Sieber, Guido; Shah, Manan; Simon, Sophie A.; Soares, André; Bornemann, Till L. V.; Plewka, Julia; Künkel, Julian; Becker, Christian; Meyer, Folker; Boenigk, Jens; Probst, Alexander J.
    Temporal disturbance of a model stream ecosystem by high microbial diversity from treated wastewater
    In: MicrobiologyOpen Jg. 12 (2023) Nr. 2, e1347
  • Turzynski, Victoria; Griesdorn, Lea; Moraru, Cristina; Soares, André; Simon, Sophie A.; Stach, Tom L.; Rahlff, Janina; Esser, Sarah P.; Probst, Alexander J.
    Virus-Host Dynamics in Archaeal Groundwater Biofilms and the Associated Bacterial Community Composition
    In: Viruses Jg. 15 (2023) Nr. 4, 910
  • Monsees, Indra; Turzynski, Victoria; Esser, Sarah P.; Soares, Andre; Timmermann, Lara I.; Weidenbach, Katrin; Banas, Jarno; Kloster, Michael; Beszteri, Bank; Schmitz, Ruth A.; Probst, Alexander J.
    Erratum for Monsees et al., “Label-Free Raman Microspectroscopy for Identifying Prokaryotic Virocells”
    In: mSystems Jg. 7 (2022) Nr. 2, e00162-22
  • Banerjee, Sinchan; Bedics, Anna; Tóth, Erika; Kriszt, Balázs; Soares, André R.; Bóka, Károly; Táncsics, András
    Isolation of Pseudomonas aromaticivorans sp. nov from a hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater capable of degrading benzene-, toluene-, m- and p-xylene under microaerobic conditions
    In: Frontiers in Microbiology Jg. 13 (2022) 929128
  • Monsees, Indra; Turzynski, Victoria; Esser, Sarah P.; Soares, André; Timmermann, Lara I.; Weidenbach, Katrin; Banas, Jarno; Kloster, Michael; Beszteri, Bank; Schmitz, Ruth A.; Probst, Alexander J.
    Label-Free Raman Microspectroscopy for Identifying Prokaryotic Virocells
    In: mSystems Jg. 7 (2022) Nr. 1, e01505-21