Group Seminar

Talks in winter semester 2021/22

Every Monday at 10:00 o'clock, MG 367

Date Speaker Talk Title / Info
18.10.2021 Every group member 2-3 min presentation on his/her ongoing research
25.10.2021 Thomas Guhr Doorway states coupled to a background: Fidelity and survival probability
08.11.2021 Felix Meier                                      Spin coherent states and approximations to phase space integrals
15.11.2021 Nico Hahn                       Chiral symmetric random matrix fields in 1D
22.11.2021 Sarah Thieme                          Simulation-based development and investigation of heat supply concepts for new construction areas
29.11.2021 Roger Knecktys                            Quantum Finance
06.12.2021 Juan Camilo Henao Londoño                           Collaborative Scientific Software Development and Management of
Open Source Scientific Packages
13.12.2021 Nils Thorben Karlshofer            Correlations between temperature data for turbines from an off-shore windpark
20.12.2021 Shanshan Wang                                  Spatiotemporal responses in the NRW motorway network
10.01.2021 Henrik M. Bette Anomaly detection in groupwise correlated data
17.01.2021 -TBA-                       
24.01.2021 -TBA-                                       
31.01.2021 -TBA-