PPMS DynaCool

The facility can be found in room LN 2.46 in the NETZ-building (extension -8136), with our group mainly using it for VSM measurements. Standard procedures include the field and temperature dependent determination of sample magnetization, usually through the recording of M(H) hysteresis and M(T) ZFC-FC curves. Independent of the installed measurement option, the device is equipped with a temperature controller, allowing the sample temperature to be set between 1.8 and 400 K. A superconducting magnet allows fields up to +/- 9 T to be set.

The machine is built as a closed-cycle system, being able to generate the liquid helium needed for operation via a pulse tube cooler, thus being independent of shortages and capable of continuous uninterrupted service.

The device is equipped with a number of options for a variety of measurement methods:

  • DC Resistivity Option for the measurement of electrical resistance
  • Electrical Transport Option (ETO) for the measurement of AC electrical resistance and the Hall effect
  • Thermal Transport Option (TTO) for the measurement of thermal conductance and the Seebeck effect
  • Heat Capacity Option (HC) for heat capacity measurements
  • VSM Option for magnetic measurements down to 10-6 emu
  • VSM Oven for high temperature magnetic measurements at up to 1000 K