SQUID Lab AG Wende

Superconducting Quantum Interference Device MPMS-5S SQUID Magnetometer

This device can be found in room MC 233 (extension -2791). Its purpose is the magnetic characterization of solid, particulate and liquid samples, as well as soft-matter systems. Common measurements include the recording of hysteresis curves at different temperatures, field-cooled (FC) and zero-field-cooled (ZFC), as well as thermoremanent magnetization (TRM) curves. Our main objective is the field, time and temperature dependent investigation of magnetization and susceptibility. An integrated AC-susceptometer is also available for the characterization of dynamic particle properties such as e.g. Brownian motion of particles in ferrofluids. For the measurement of the converse magnetoelectric effect, the device is equipped with a self-built measurement setup, allowing alternating electric fields to be applied to solid state samples.

In addition to the standard features for temperature and magnetic field control, this device is also fitted with a number of supplemental options.

  • AC Option for the measurement of magnetic susceptibility via magnetic AC fields with frequencies between 1.5kHz and 0.01Hz, sensitivity 10-11 Am2 (10-8 emu)
  • Oven Option (sample space oven) to extend the temperature range to 300-800 K (not usable in combination with the AC Option)
  • Ultra Low Field Option allows the measurement and compensation of very low remanent magnetization of the sample space for highly sensitive samples, using a special hall effect sensor
  • Horizontal Rotator for in-situ rotation of the sample around its horizontal axis (360° in 0.1° steps)
  • Fiber Optic Sample Holder for the in-situ illumination of samples via external light sources
  • Magnetoelectric Sample Holder (built by Pavel Borisov) for the analysis of the magnetoelectric coupling in film systems, composites and pressed powders through the application of alternating electric fields at the sample
  • "Druckzangen" Sample Holder (caliper sample holder) allows the application of mechanical force to the sample via piezo elements