The MA Policy Management, Public Policy and Public Administration qualifies for problem solving in government ministries, institutions, political parties and non-governmental organizations. Program duration is four semesters. Course language is German. The program is strongly supported by the NRW School of Governance with a variety of teaching offers. The program’s curriculum is centered on the analysis of administrative actions, imperatives of political communication and political leadership technologies. The program takes a project-based approach to teaching and aims at imparting relevant practical skills.

Program content is based on five pillars:

  • Decision analysis: students acquire techniques of dealing with uncertain circumstances and decision-making under immense pressure;
  • Negotiation: students master the art of team working in both cordial and adverse situations;
  • Representation: students learn to weigh cost and benefits of decisions as well as which considerations are to factored into decisions;
  • Political and strategic action: students consider how to create and communicate policies.
  • Modes of Implementation: students become familiar with the structural, procedural and participative patterns that are relevant in performing public tasks.

For further information please visit the homepage of the MA Policy Management, Public Policy and Public Administration program (German).