Electronic lab books

Do you need help? Virtual ELN helpdesk

Do you have a question regarding the use of an electronic laboratory notebook (e.g. eLabFTW)? Our ELN helpdesk is available for this purpose.

The increased use of electronic laboratory notebooks and more detailed exploration of the components and functions they offer will inevitably result in questions and a demand for support. To overcome this challenge in the best possible way and, above all, jointly, the Research Data Services team offers a virtual ELN helpdesk.

When? Between 2 and 3 pm on the first Wednesday of every month.

Please note: you will initially be routed to our waiting room. Please be patient if that is the case. Leave the relevant page open (do not refresh the page or renew your login) to allow us to call you in when we have the capacity to do so.


Go to the ELN helpdesk


End your notebook chaosSimplify lab workflows with digital means

Laboratory notebooks are part and parcel of research in natural sciences: measuring results, sketches of experimental setups or analyses are entered there. But what if this data is digital? Do you print it out and glue it into a notebook?

Probably not. Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) can help.

Why use an ELN?

  • Keep a laboratory notebook using a PC, mobile phone or tablet
  • Perform full-text searches of the entire content
  • Collaborate
  • Keep data security, control access
  • Ensure integrity of the data and documentation of entries by means of timestamps
  • Import or link any number of files
  • Connect other systems (API)
  • Export to PDF (and other formats)


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.