Scientific Advisory Board

The RDS service portfolio has been designed on the basis of the discipline-specific needs of the faculties and is to be gradually extended. Feedback about this development is provided at the highest level by an Academic Advisory Board whose duty is to ensure and balance the interests of each discipline. Another essential responsibility of this board is to evaluate the services after a defined trial period and assess the overall conditions for their long-term operation.


Academic Advisory Board

Vice-Rector for Research & Young Academics:
Prof. Dr. Astrid Westendorf

Director of the Science Support Centre (SSC):
Dr. Barbara Schwerdtfeger

Director of the ZIM/CIO:
Dr. Alejandra Lopez Vargas

Director of the University Library:
Nicole Walger

Faculty of Humanities:
Prof. Dr. Karola Pitsch
Prof. Dr. Isabelle Buchstaller
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schröder

Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Buß
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kaiser

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alexander J. Probst

Prof. Dr. Perihan Nalbant

Mercator School of Management:
Prof. Dr. Martin Hibbeln

Social Sciences:
Prof. Dr. Rainer Schnell

Dr. Andreas Eschenlohr

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Georg Weiss (Dekan)

Information, Communication and Media Technology:
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Goedicke

Ombudsperson for good research practice:
Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Dührsen


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