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Map of Campus Duisburg (overview)


The Campus Duisburg of the University of Duisburg-Essen is split in several areas:

L = Lotharstraße 55-65
M = Lotharstraße 1-21, Mülheimer Straße
B = Bismarkstraße 69-90
SG = Geibelstraße 41
ST = Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 12

Public transports (from main station):
L/M-area, SG: Tram 901 (“Duisburg Zoo/ Uni”), Bus 933 (“Duisburg Universität”)

M-area: Bus 926 ("Duisburg Uni Nord-Lotharstr.")


ST-area:  Tram 901 (“Thyssen Tor 30”) – go trough the Thyssen entry door & follow the signposts

B-area: walking distance from main station

Connection between B-area and L/M-area: Busses 924 and 926 from “Oststraße” to “Duisburg Schweizer Straße” or “Duisburg Universität”

City map of Duisburg


Map of Campus Duisburg, L- and M-area


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Map of Campus Duisburg, B-area


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Map of Campus Essen


T = University administration, university restaurant
S =Natural sciences, lecture halls
R = University library, media centre, Cultural studies, Economics
V = Engineering sciences

Public transport:
Underground U11, U17 and U18 to “Berliner Platz” or “Universität Essen”
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City map of Essen