At the end of a written examination, each student has the right to take part to an examination inspection. This inspection takes place following the publication of the results. For each inspection, a fixed appointment is given and the inspection can only be done during this time. The exam-inspection takes place within the same exam period in which the respective exam has been written. A subsequent inspection is not possible.

The appointed time for the inspection is set by the institute (which offered the exam) and is also published on the web page of this institute.

This exam-inspection is not intended for correction purposes, but it is conceived in such a way that students can check whether all the points were added together and taken into account and to verify that no task has been overlooked during the marking process.

However, if it is noted during this examination-inspection, that some points were not taken into account in the rating, or that a task was inadvertently not marked, these points will be added later in the calculation, making an improvement in the grade possible.