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Wolfgang BURGHARDT* and Oliver HORST**


*Angewandte Bodenkunde/Soil Technology, FB. Biology and Geography, University Duisburg-Essen, 45177 Essen, Germany, E-mail: wolfgang.burghardt@uni-due.de .

**Institute for Agro-Service, 5883 Munich, Germany


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DEADLINE for abstract submission for

-         oral presentation: October 31, 2009,

-         poster presentation: January 4, 2010.




 (1)  Concepts of soil fertility and soil productivity, contents,  

       chances, limitations and contradictions

(2)  Soil quality concepts and indicators with respect of soil

       fertility and soil productivity 

(3)  Soil properties for soil fertility and for use of soil


(4)  Soil properties for soil productivity and soil

       investments based services

(5)  Limits of soil fertility and soil productivity by other   

      natural plant production factors than soil

(6)  Short time investments for use of soil productivity

(7)  Soil conservation measures to maintain and improve

      soil fertility and productivity

(8)  Modelling soil fertility, productivity and conservation


(9)  Soil changes and impacts by shift from use of soil

        fertility properties to soil productivity properties

(10) Land management and policy requirements with   

        respect to soil fertility and soil productivity

(11) Future perspective about the importance of soil

        fertility and soil productivity with respect of different

        domains of soil use

(12) Soil fertility and soil productivity under changing   

        global conditions

(13)  Prospect of soil fertility and soil productivity

(14) Others about the thematic soil fertility – productivity