HRI Workshop "The challenge (not) to go wild!"



Workshop Position Papers

Amy Liang, Isabell Piroth, Hayley Robinson, Bruce MacDonald, Mark Fisher & Elizabeth Broadbent: "Studying companion robots for people with dementia living at home" (pdf)

Nicole Mirnig, Susanne Stadler, Manuel Giuliani, Roland Buchner Philipp Wimmery & Manfred Tscheligi: "Evaluating a Questionnaire for Contextual Inquiries on Industrial Robot Teaching" (pdf)      

Sooyeon Jeong & Cynthia Breazeal: "Challenges in Developing Socially Assistive Robots in Pediatric Inpatient Care Context" (pdf)

Markus Bajones, Astrid Weiss & Markus Vincze: "Log Data Analysis of Long-Term Household Trials: Lessons Learned and Pitfalls" (pdf)        

Rintaro Manabe, Yutaka Takase & Yukiko Nakano: "User Modeling and Reception Interaction by Service Robots" (pdf)

Jelle Saldien & Cesar Vandevelde: “Developing a new Ecosystem for Social Robotics?” (pdf)

Minae Kwon, Malte F. Jung & Ross A. Knepper: “Human Expectations of Social Robots” (pdf)