SpraySyn provides access to well documented data (experiments, simulations, mechanisms, kinetics coefficients, ...) for experiments, which have been designed by the community in the context of spray-flame synthesis of nanomaterials. These data can be used for further scientific work. This task originates from the SPP1980 project and is available for the interested audience. Furthermore, the access to the data should be provided in the long run, and thus be accessible as reference data beyond the end of the SPP1980 project (in 2023).


The database is characterized by the combination of metadata with the actual datasets. The metadata contain information about who generated the data, which experimental and numerical tools were used, which setup of the SpraySyn burner and which variables was studied. Additionally, the scientists can specify a date, until which the data are under an embargo, i.e., are not publically accessible to non-registered users. Information on how to cite the data is also provided. The metadata enables the users to effectively browse the database.


For registration please click here.
For access to the database please click here.

Upload: Registration is required for data upload. All SPP1980 members can follow the registration procedure. After registration, you will receive an activation link by e-mail. During upload, you can choose if the data should be publicly accessible directly after the upload, or after an embargo period. Data from researchers that are not members of SPP1980 who want to upload their data, please contact Dr. Sebastian Peukert.

Download: All uploaded data are accessible to registered members of the SPP1980. Non-registered users can browse the table of contents of the database, but they can only download and use the publicly accessible datasets. Extended access to researchers who are not members of the SPP1980 can be granted in specific cases. Inc case of interest, please contact Dr. Sebastian Peukert.


By the download you obligate yourself to citing the source of the data properly. For the publication to be cited please consult the metadata. If such an entry is missing, the database should be referenced.

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