Interdisciplinary cooperation

Interdisciplinary cooperation across multiple locations is of central importance for the SPP1980. This is ensured by the measures described below. The evaluation of the projects has the important task of checking the conformity of the individual proposals with the structural approaches of SPP1980, and to make them an important evaluation criterion in order to ensure the coherence of the SPP.

Project title Principle
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Spray-Flame Synthesis on the Pilot-Plant Scale N. Adams,
C. Paschereit,
S. Schnurre
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Characterization of Nanoparticle Formation in Spray Flames F. Beyrau,
A. Kronenburg
In situ Imaging Diagnostics in the Spray-Flame Synthesis of Nanoparticles T. Dreier,
T. Endres
Elementary processes of nanoparticle synthesis in spray flames: evaporation, mixing, and chemical reactions E. Gutheil
Process Analysis and Controlling of Spray Formation and Mixing in Spray Flames U. Fritsching,
J. Kiefer
Thermodynamic analysis of the causes of micro-explosions of droplets in nanoparticle synthesis in spray flames H. Hasse,
M. Kohns
Reactions of the precursors for spray-flame of nanoparticles during partial evaporation of the spray T. Kasper
SpraySyn-Burner: Definition, Simulation, Characterization, and Data Base A. Kempf,
C. Schulz
Influence of atomization on particle synthesis in spray flames R. Kneer,
H. Pitsch,
H. Schmid
Nanoparticle formation from precursor-laden droplets: Fluid dynamics, population dynamics of particles and droplets, experimental validation F. Kruis,
D. Thévenin,
H. Wiggers
Precursor release in nanoparticle producing spray flames: Single droplet investigation of multicomponent mass transfer (within SPP 1980) L. Mädler
In situ study of particle formation and particle growth in spray-flame synthesis by small-angle X-ray scattering H. Nirschl
Investigation of the interaction of precursor and flame chemistry C. Schulz,
I. Wlokas
Spray introduction into FSP by means of Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA) of organic and aqueous precursor solutions A. Weber
Optical in situ diagnostics of droplets, nanoparticles and aggregates in spray-flame synthesis S. Will
Optical Characterization of the Droplet Micro-Explosion in the SpraySyn-Burner S. Kaiser
Tomographic analysis of the SpraySyn synthesis process based on instantaneous multi-simultaneous measurements K. Mohri

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