Guest Auditors

Application for Guest Auditorium

Applicants who wish to attend individual courses at the university may apply for admission as guest auditors within the scope of available study opportunities. Proof of qualification is not required. Admission is always for one semester only. There is no entitlement to take examinations. Only certificates of attendance can be issued.

  • Please be sure to send the application for admission to the guest auditorium to the Enrolment Management.
Application for Admission
  • The contact details for the Enrolment Management can be found on the following page:
Contact Enrolment Management
  • The enrolment deadlines for each semester can be found here:
Enrolment Deadlines

Continuing Education Directory for Guest Students

The directory contains a comprehensive selection of courses suitable and approved for guest auditors. If you are also interested in courses from the general course catalog, you must also obtain the consent of the instructor (with signature and seal) before submitting the application.

Download (PDF)

Direct Contact Person

Frau Sabine Salewski
T01 S04 B11
45141 Essen
Telefon: +49 201 18 32001

"Free Guest Auditorium" Guest Auditorium for Refugees

Refugees who have already acquired prior knowledge in their home countries can receive individual advice and attend selected courses as guest students.

The university waives the guest auditor fee that would otherwise be due.

Interested students should contact the International Office to arrange an appointment:

Bärbel Enger
Campus Duisburg
Gebäude SG
1. Etage, Büro 155
Telefon: +49 203 37 92224

Guest Auditor FeeBank Account Details

The account details for the transfer of the guest auditor fee in the amount of 100 € are as follows:

Recipient/Empfänger: Universität Duisburg-Essen
Sparkasse Essen
IBAN: DE32 3605 0105 0000 269 753

Bank Account Number/Kontonummer: 269753
Bank Code Number/Bankleitzahl: 36050105

Intended Purpose/Verwendungszweck: Gasthörergebühr/Name:


You have the option of dining in the Mensa at the student rate. In this case, the social contribution must be paid to the Studierendenwerk. You will then receive a certificate that must be presented at the Mensa.