Angela Borchert

Angela Borchert, M.Sc

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Current Research

  • Trustworthiness
  • Social Media Engineering
  • Computer-Mediated Introduction: Sharing Economy, Online Dating
  • Risk Analysis
  • ​Privacy

Angela Borchert is an doctoral candidate and moreover she is part of the research training group "User-Centred Social Media" in which she follows her research interests in computer science and psychology.

Her work focuses on the issue of trust in the domain of sharing economy and online dating. In this context, she aims to decrease risks that are associated with the online and offline interaction of users. Her objective is to enable a safer use of such applications by conducting qualitative and quantitative research as well as respecting those findings within the software development lifecycle. To this end, she considers subject-specific concerns and how users assess the trustworthiness of parties to interact with. Based on that, she strives for building user-centred systems for which she particularly investigates in personality traits, attitudes and gender.


since 08/18

Research Fellow at the Department Software Engineering

04/16 - 07/18 

M. Sc. Applied Cognitive Science, University Duisburg-Essen
Thesis: Design Patterns for Warning Messages Concerning the Privacy Issue of User-Generated Content on SNS

10/12 - 05/16 

B. Sc. Applied Cognitive Science, University Duisburg-Essen
Thesis: Approach and Avoidance Tendencies regarding IT-Security


  • Interdisciplinary Research Training Group User-Centred Social Media, USCM

Bachelor / Master Theses

You are welcome to apply for one of the following topics or to propose one of your own from one of my research areas.

Topic Requirements Bachelor /
Trustworthiness in Online Dating or Sharing Economy Applications
  • Research objective: End users should be supported to better assess both the associated risks of online dating/sharing economy and the trustworthiness of i) service providers, ii) applications and iii) other end users.
  • Possible methods: quantitative or qualitative research / requirments elicitation for online dating or sharing economy software / programming of an online dating or sharing economy application
  • Experience in qualitative/quantitative research
Depending on the scope



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