6-9 November 2017, University Hospital Essen TRR60 International Symposium

At the end of the second joint funding period the TRR60 International Symposium was held at the University Hospital Essen. Overall about 30 experts in the field presented their latest research.
The Symposium was followed by the TRR60 Annual Workshop on 9 November detailed programme

17-28 July 2017 7th Summer Academy "Infection and Immunity"

Coordinated by the TRR60 the 7th Summer Academy "Infection and Immunity" for advanced students from Huazhong University, Fudan University Shanghai and Sun Yat-Sen University Guangzhou took place at the University Hospital Essen. The intensive seminar programme was complemented by lab and clinical visits. This year's highlight was a full day at the IMCES Imaging Center. Special thanks to Prof. M. Gunzer and his team !
2017 Summer Academy programme

19-21 May 2017, Wuhan Huazhong University 110-years Tongji Medical College

A delegation of the TRR60 and the Medical Faculty of the University Duisburg Essen travelled to Wuhan to attend the 110th Anniversary of Tongji Medical College at Huazhong University. In the picture below: Dean Prof. Buer, Prof. Dittmer (Medical Faculty's Delegate for China), Prof. Roggendorf, Prof. Guobin Wang, Prof. Fandrey, Prof. Horn, Prof. Rui An, Prof. Lu and Ursula Schrammel (Coordinator China Office Medical Faculty). Tongji Medical College has been a very close cooperation partner for our Medical Faculty for many years.The collaboration in hepatology and immunology was the main impetus for our joint Sino-German TRR60. 

Within the frame of the celebrations a Duisburg-Essen Day at Huazhong University was hold. A delegation of the University of Duisburg Essen with members from several faculties joined and presented  their disciplines.

(detailed programme and members of the delegation)

25-27 October 2016, Shanghai Fudan University 6th TRR60 Annual Workshop

...starting with a visit and scientific exchange at Shanghai Pasteur Institute on 24 October and followed by an international Hepatitis Symposium at Wuhan Union Hospital on 27 October and the 150 year celebrations of Wuhan Union Hospital on 28 October.

13 June 2016, Beijing and 14 June 2016, Wuhan TRR60 takes part in Sino-German Government Consultations

The TRR60 took part in the Sino-German Government Consultions in the frame of the Annual Conference of the German-Chinese Society of Medicine with a special session on "Sino-German Cooperation in Infectious Diseases". Upon the initiative of the TRR60 this topic has become part of the action plan of the German and Chinese Health Ministries.

Health Minister Hermann Gröhe travelled with us to Wuhan where we had the opportunity to present the TRR60 project as an excellent and outstanding example for succesful research cooperation between Germany and China (see picture: Minister Gröhe, Prof. Dittmer, Prof. Lu)

more pictures and info

6 June 2016, Essen, University Hospital 1st Joint Symposium Essen-Wuhan

Medical Faculty, University Hospital, University of Duisburg-Essen and Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, HUST, Wuhan

Topics: pharmacology, infectious diseases, immunology, otorhinolaryngology, proton therapy
detailed programme here

18-25 October, Wuhan 5th TRR60 Annual Workshop and Virology Conference


On 20-21 October our annual workshop took place at Union Hospital, Wuhan. All our TRR60 PIs, postocs and PhD students  - a group of 40 scientists  - travelled to Wuhan and discussed the latest research results with the Chinese colleagues.
We also used the great opportunity to actively participate in the 6th Wuhan International Symposium on Modern Viruses and in the Annual Conference of the Chinese Society for Virology which were scheduled for the same week, for details please refer to the programme. And you may try to find our participants on this largest group picture that has ever been taken: 

2 October 2015, Berlin DCGM Annual Conference Sino-German Symposium on Infectious Diseases

Upon the joint initiative of the German Ministry of Health, the German Chinese Society of Medicine and the TRR60 at the University Hospital Essen a symposium on German-Chinese cooperations in the field of infectious diseases took place in the frame of the DCGM Annual meeting in Berlin on 2nd October 2015.

Gruppenfoto 004 Quer

Leeding experts of both countries had been invited to hold talks on epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment of different infections and on infection research. The scientists focused on both, chronic viruses (HIV, Hepatitis) and new emerging  viruses (avian flu, corona viruses). Monitoring programmes of both countries had been presented and scientists and representatives of health authorities of Germany and China had the opportunity to meet and jointly discuss perspectives for future cooperation.  The aim of this symposium was to exchange and establish our contacts and continue the cooperation with a follow-up meeting in 2016 which should lead into a long term cooperation contract of both countries in this field.

programme (in German and Chinese)


24-27 August, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany 27th Workshop on Retroviral Pathogenesis

TRR60 speaker and PI Ulf Dittmer is the local organizer of this year's international workshop with participation of several TRR60 PIs, postdocs and doctoral students working on retroviruses and animal models. Details and programme

3-14 August 2015, Essen 5th Summer Academy for Chinese students

As in previuos years selected doctoral students of our TRR60 partners in Wuhan and Shanghai will take part. Detailed programme t.b.a.

Gruppenfoto Sa 2015

18-21 March, Bochum TRR60 Symposium at 25th GfV Annual Conference

In the frame of the 25th Annual Conference of the Society for Virology the TRR60 is scheduled for a special symposium on Friday, 20 March, 14:00-17:30h with talks of several TRR60 PIs and experts on chronic viruses. Conference chair is Prof. Dr. Klaus Überla, PI in TRR60 project C2.
to 25th GfV Annual Conference 2015

24-28 September, Bochum 4th TRR60 Annual Workshop

More than 70 workshop participants discussed the progress and latest scientific results of the international cooperation in the TRRR60.  Workshop programme for download

Wuhan Bochum

25 September, Bochum TRR60 visits "Starlight Express"

During the 4th Annual Workshop in Bochum  the TRR60 participants had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the musical "Starlight Express". After very intensive scientific discussions at the the Ruhr-University Bochum this was the perfect accompanying cultural programme and a unique experience, especially for our guests from China.

PI G. Zelinskyy at the Immunology Conference

18.9.2014, Bonn TRR60 participates in Immunology Annual Conference

PI Gennadiy Zelinskyy (TRR60 subproject B8N) at the Immunology Conference in Bonn, September 2014:  "Virus–infected cells up–regulate PD–L1 expression during acute retrovirus infection and abrogate the functionality of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells"
Many TRR60 PIs, postdocs and PhD students took part in the conference and communicated the TRR60 achievements.
www.immunology conference.de


4-15 August 2014 4th Summer Academy for Chinese students

In 2014 the Summer Academy of the University Hospital China Cooperation focused on "Infection and Immunity".  Selected doctoral students of our TRR60 partners in Wuhan and Shanghai were among the 18 participants. 2014 programme

17 June 2014, Wuhan Kick-off Meeting for the Chinese TRR60 Groups

...with progress reports of the Chinese TRR60 groups and scientific talks of PI Ulf Dittmer and PI Karl Lang.

14-15 October 2013, Wuhan Evaluation for Funding Period 2

5-16 August 2013, University Hospital Essen 3rd Summer Academy for Chinese students

27-28 June 2013, Essen TRR60 Symposium at the end of Funding Period 1

6.-17.8.2012, University Hospital Essen 2nd Summer Academy for Chinese students

June 2012, Fudan University, Shanghai 3rd TRR60 Scientific Workshop

17 March 2012, Institute for Virology, Essen Satellite Symposium at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the GfV in Essen


As China was the partner of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the GfV the TRR60, together with the GfV, co-organized a Satellite Meeting at the Institute for Virology in Essen. In the course of the joint symposium renowed Chinese and German reserachers and medical scientists gave valuable insights into the field of diagnostics and therapeutic methods and treatment of HBV, HCV and HIV. Programme

1.-12.8.2011, University Hospital Essen 1st Summer Academy for Chinese students

21-22 February 2011, Essen 2nd TRR60 Scientific Workshop

1-3 June 2010, Wuhan/China 1st TRR60 Scientific Workshop

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