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TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2017


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Prof. Dr. med. Sigrun Smola,
Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes und Medizinische Fakultät der Universität des Saarlandes, Institut für Virologie
Reprogramming of the immune microenvironment in HPV-driven carcinogenesis and prospects for immunotherapy
04.02.2017 Prof. Dr. Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff
Innovative therapies against chronic viral infections, developments from clinical phase I to III
28.02.2017 Dr. Martin Plummer
International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France
Statistician, Infections and Cancer Epidemiology Group
The global burden of cancer
attributable to infections
20.07.2017 Dr. Thomas Hope
Prof. of Cell and Molecular Biology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University Chicago
Defining the earliest events of mucosal HIV transmission utiizingmacaque models
17.10.2017 Dr. David Schwefel
Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institut für Medizinische Physik und Biophysik
Viral modification of Cullin4-RING ubiquitin ligases

TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2016


PD Dr. Bastian Schilling

University Hospital Essen, Dept. of Dermatology
Genomic correlates of clinical benefit from CTLA-4 blockade in metastatic melanoma
08.03.2016 Dr. Michael Lehmann
Group leader Virus-host interaction, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
CCL2- opponent and helper of viruses
21.03.2016 Dr. Henrik Kloverpris
Kwazulu-Natal University, South Afrika
Innate Lymphoid Cells - do they play a role in HIV infection?.

Dr. Jia Liu, Associate Professor, TRR60 project B3, Wuhan Union Hospital 

Regulating CD8+ T cell activation during HBV infection by Sema4D/CD100-CD72 interaction

Mark Connors, MD
Chief of HIV-specific Immunity Section NIAID/LIR, Bethesda, USA

Qualitative Features of an effective Immune Response to HIV



Prof. Dr. med. Nina Babel
Leiterin des Centrums für Translationale Medizin, mit S. Immunologie und Transplantation, Marien Hospital Herne, Universitätsklinikum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Viral infections in immunosuppressed patients: from diagnostics to therapy
17.05.2016 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Sauter
Institute of Molecular Virology, Ulm University Medical Center
Innate immune evasion by primate lentivirus – a game of hide and sense
31.05.2016 Prof. Dr. Lukas Flatz
Medical Research Center Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Institute of Immunobiology, Switzerland
T cells in cancer: from immunotherapy to personalized vaccination

Prof. Dr. Norbert Bannert
Robert-Koch-Institut Berlin, HIV and Retroviruses, Robert-Koch Institute Berlin

Germline Infections by Retroviruses and their Implications for Health and Disease

Prof. Altfeld

Heinrich‑Pette‑Institute, Leibniz-Institute for Experimental Virology, Unit Viral Immunology, Hamburg
NK cell medicated recognition of HIV-1

Prof. Dr. Florian Klein

Lab for Experimantal Immunology, university of Cologne
Antibody mediated Neutraliziation of HIV-1
19.07.2016 Prof. Dr. Rajesh Grover
Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA
B Cell Lymphoma and Myeloma  - a Bacterial Origin

Dr. Ejuan ZHANG
(C5N Assistant Researcher)

Dr. Maohua ZHONG
(C5N Assistant Researcher)
TRR60 subproject C5N (Prof. Huimin YAN)
Wuhan Institute for Virology

Modulation of intrahepatic immune respones by Salmonella Flagellin

Nasal epithelial GM-CSF contributes to TLR5-mediated modulation of airway dendritic cells and subsequent IgA response
22.09.2017 Dr. Jeff Teigler
Scientist, US Military HIV Research Program
Immune Acitvation, Inflammation and Exhaustion in Chronic HIV Infection
22.9.2016 Dr. Claire Chougnet
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ohio, USA
Age-related Immune Suppression: from impaired metabolism to altered immune regulation

Dr. Henri-Jacques Delecluse
DKFZ Heidelberg

Epstein-Barr virus particles induce chromosome instability

March-June 2016 Soft skill: Intercultural communication and Chinese

Intercultural communication and intensive Chinese language training had been organized by the TRR60 for our female scientists for a period of 4 months with weekly lessons. The course enabled the participants to prepare for the standardized HSK-level 1 tests offered by the Confucius Institutes. Apart from basic language skills the most important aim was to strenghten the soft skills in the intercultural echange with our Chinese colleagues. The ideal outcome is if participants decide to go abroad to China for a longer period of time and continue their research work in the Chinese TRR60 groups.

Open places in the course had been offerred to students of the Medical Faculty who prepare for their internships at our partner universities in Wuhan, Shanghai and Guangzhou and for their practical year with destination Wuhan.  

TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2015


Dr. Torsten Schaller
Institute for Medical Virology
Goethe University Frankfurt

HIV-host interactions during early steps of infection

Prof. Tak Wah Mak
Campbell Family Cancer Research InstituteToronto

Four Horsemen of Anti-Apocalypse
24.02.2015 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Brinkmann
Viral Immune Modulation Group, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research Braunschweig
Of Toll-like receptors and cytosolic nucleic acid sensors and how herpesviruses efficiently modulate these important sentinels of the host's innate imune system
10.03.2015 Prof. Dr. Sven Brandau
University Hospital Essen, Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

Neutrophils and myeloid-derived suppressor cells in cancer patients


Prof. Dr. Ari Waisman
Institute for Molecular Medicine,
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

What makes Th17 cells pathogenic ?
21.04.2015 Prof. Dr. Daniel Pinschewer
Experimental Virology, University of Basel,
Immunity and Pathogenesis in Viral Infection
25.06.2015 Richard A Koup, MD
Deputy Director Vaccine Research Center NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, USA
Effects of HIV and SIV on Lymph Node Structure and Function
08.09.2015 Prof. Dr. K. Fleischhauer
University Hospital Essen
Interplay between virus-specific and alloreactive immunity for cellular immunotherapy of leukemia
14.09.2015 Jonah Sacha
Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Boradly targeted CD8+ T cell responses restricted by major histocompatibility complex-E
03.11.2015 PD Dr. Sandra Ciesek
Hannover Medical School
Identification and characterization of novel host factors required for HCV RNA replication
17.11.2015 Prof. Dr.  Christian Sinzger
University Hospital Ulm
Entry pathways of human cytomegalovirus and attempts to find highly neutralizing antibodies
01.12.2015 Prof. Dr. Heiner Wedemeyer
Hanover Medical School, Dept. of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology
Regulation of human T cell function in persistent viral infections: lessons learned from viral hepatitis


2015 Soft skill seminars for female TRR60 doctoral students and postdocs

These seminars are funded by DFG in order to promote gender equality and support female scientists in their carreer. Our programme is exclusively designed for the needs of our TRR60 female scientists and doctoral students. The TRR60 closely cooperates with the ZfH Zentrum für Hoschulentwicklung of the University of Duisburg-Essen in organizing these seminars. 
For registration please contact the TRR60 coordinator


What's next ? Career planning and career optimizing for postdocs
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05.12.2015 Have you seen my life by any chance ? How to organize your academic life and establish work-life-balance
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28.11.2015 A carrer in academia, the end-all, be-all ? Identifying skills and competencies
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Chinese Language Training  - Fresh-up II
Chinese Language Training  - Fresh-up I

Chinese Language Training  - Intensive course for preparation of scientific stays at the TRR60 partners
(in cooperation with Confucius-Institute/University Duisburg-Essen) 
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Scientific Writing
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How to own the stage? - Convincing presentations on (international) conferences
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February 2015 Chinese intensive training for our female scientists

Foto Chinese Training

The TRR60 female scientists are eagerly looking forward to take advantage of their newly acquired communication skills...

TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2014




PD Dr. Reinhard Obst
Institute for Immunology
LMU München

Timed antigen presentation and
T cell responses


Dr. Andrew Vaillant
Montreal, Canada

Serum HBsAg suppression using Nucleid Acid Polymers: A new therapeutic modality for HBV


Prof. Dr. Tobias Bopp
Institute for Immunology
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Kinase CK2: Function in Regulatory T 11cell - mediated Immune Tolerance


Prof. Dr. Burkhard Ludewig
Institute of Immunobiology
Kantonsspital St.Gallen/ Switzerland

Role of stromal cells lymphoid tissue organogenesis


PD Dr. Thomas Jacobs
Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine

Coinhibitory molecules during malaria: Immune escape of parasites or emergency stop of the host ?


Brent E. Palmer, PhD
Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
University of Colorado, USA

Alterations in gut microbiota associated with chronic HIV infection: A role for
T regulatory cells


Dr. Volker Teichgräber
F.Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Basel/ Switzerland

Discovery and Development of Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers in Oncology


Dr. Julian Schulze zur Wiesch
Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg/Eppendorf

MAIT cells in HIV. Gone for good ?


Prof. Dr. Daniel Engel
Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging, University Hospital Essen

Regulation of leucocyte migration in inflammation


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Becker
WTZ West German Tumor Left
University Hospital Essen

Innate and adaptive immune responses in virally-associated cancer


Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Drexler
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, University Hospital / Inst. for Virology - Molecular Virology

First in time, first in line - The epitope buffet for poxviral T cells


PD Dr. Annette Paschen
University Hospital Essen, Dermatology

Targeting the PD1/PD-L1 axis in melanoma therapy: clinical efficacy and challenges


2014 Soft skill seminars for female TRR60 doctoral students and postdocs



Where have all the hours gone ? - How to organize your working life in academia
seminar details


Trouble in the ivory tower? - multiple roles and conflicting relatonships in academia
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From a(tomic physics) to z(oology) - developing interdisciplinary skills
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TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2013


Prof. Matti Sällberg
Karolinska Institutet

Clinical and preclinical experience with therapeutic DNA vaccination in chronic hepatitis B and C


Philip J. Norris,  M.D.
Blood Systems Research Institute
San Francisco, USA

CD4+ T cells and HIV:
predator or prey ?


Dr. Volker Lohmann
University of Heidelberg
Department of Infectious Diseases / Molecular Virology

Viral and host factors of hepatitis C virus replication: Implications for therapy and pathogenesis


Dr. Wim van Esch
Sanquin Blood Supply
Product and Process Development
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

HLA class 1 peptide exchange and multiplexed T cell imaging by combinatorial coding


Dr. Feng He
Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Uni. Of Luxembourg

An unexpected role of neurodegenerative genes in regulatory T cells

TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2012


Dr. Rongxiang Wang
Internal Medicine/Molecular Biology
University Hospital Freiburg

Inhibition of hepadnaviral polymerase by carbonyl J acid derivatives


Prof. Stephan Ludwig
Institut für Molekulare Virologie, Universität Münster

The two faces of NF-kappaB
in influenza virus infected cells


Dr. Richard Neher
Max-Planck-Institute for
Developmental Biology, Tübingen

Genetic recombination and selection in intra-patient evolution of HIV


Dr. Bernhard Singer
Spezialist für Biochemie, Molekularbiologie und Immunologie am Institut für Anatomie, Uniklinik Essen

The sCEACAM8-CEACAM1 interaction bridges innate and adaptive immunity thus representing a potent adjuvant for vaccination


Prof. Simon Rayner
Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China

Integrating Bioinformatics into Virology


Prof.Dr. Michael Mach
Institute of Clinical and Molecular Virology, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nürnberg

Protective capacity of antibodies against cytomegalovirus


Prof. Alice McHardy
Max Planck Research Group for Computational Genomics & Epidemiology,  Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Inferring genotype-phenotype relationships in the evolution of human influenza A viruses


TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2011


Prof. Sven-Erik Behrens
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle,
Wittenberg Institute of Biotechnology

Molecular determinants of translation and replication of different pathogenic RNA viruses


Dr. Ursula Dietrich
Georg-Speyer-Haus, Frankfurt a.M.

Identification of neutralizing antibodies and their epitopes from HIV controllers by phage display


Prof. Jens Kurreck
TU Berlin, Institut f. Biotechnologie

RNA Interference Approaches against Coxsackievirus B3


Prof. Dr. Todd M. Allen
Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard,Massachusetts General Hospital

Impact of Viral Sequence Evolution on Immune Control of HIV and HCV


Dr. Mario Albrecht
Max-Planck-Institut Saarbrücken

Integrative Network Analysis of Viral Infection and Replication


PD Dr. med. Dirk Meyer-Olson
Clinic of Immunlogogy and Rheumatology, Medical School Hannover

The role of NK cells in the immunopathology of chronic HIV-1 infection


Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hildt
Paul-Ehrlich Institut Langen
Department of Virology

Oppositional effects of Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus on Nrf2/ARE-dependent gene expression. Potential relevance for virus-associated pathogenesis


PD Dr. Dunja Bruder
Helmholtz Left Infection Research Braunschweig

Pathogen specific immunity impinges on established self-tolerance and vice versa


Prof. Sven Rahmann
TU Dortmund, Genominformatik

Today´s and Tomorrow´s Sequencing Technologies and their Bioinformatic Challenges


Dr. Anna Zajakina
Dept. of Protein Engineering, Biomedical Research and Study Centre, Riga, Latvia

Development of new models for Hepatitis B virus: recombinant alpharisuses and hepatocyte-like cells


Dr. med. Philipp Lang
Dept. of Gastroenterology,
Hepatology and Infectiology,
University Hospital Düsseldorf

NK cell activiation turns acute virus infection into prolonged and chronic disease


Dr. med. Dieter Glebe
Institute for Medical Virology
Justus-Liebig University Giessen

Prevention of hepatitis B : do we need a new vaccine ?

TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2010


Dr. med. Julian
Schulze zur Wiesch

Dept. of Internal Medicie, Gastroenterology, Univesity Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf

Comprehensive analysis of Tregs in HIV infection: Disease progression correlates with increased CD39 expression


Dr. Petra Riedl
Dept. of Internal medicine, University Medical Centre Ulm

1.4 HBV-Smut transgenic mice as a model for chronic HBV to investigate therapeutic vaccines


Prof. Dr. Matthias
J. Reddehase

Institute of Virology
Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz

Principles of Protective CD8 T-Cell Priming against Cytomegalovirus in the Murine Model


Dr. Mario Zierden
Institute for Pathology
University Hospital Cologne

Impact and regulalion of autoreactive CD8+ T Cells in a transgenic mouse model of autoimmune hepatitis


Prof. Dr. Peter Stäheli
Dept. of Virology
University of Freiburg

Interferon-lambda renders epithelial cells of respiratory and gastrointestinal tract resistant to viral infections

TRR60 seminar series Invited speakers 2009


Dr. Eike Steinmann
Twincore Centre for Experimental and clinical Infection Research, Dept. of Experimental Virology, Hannover

Molecular Mechanisms of Hepatitis C Virus Morphogenesis

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