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Researcher M. Sc. Cyril Alias


Building SK, Room 007
Phone +49 203 379-2615, -7051
Fax +49 203 379-3048

Research focus

  • New kinds of information systems/processing and Future Internet applications in logistics
  • Data Science in logistics (Supply Chain Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Real-time Analytics)
  • Use of cyber-physical systems (incl. cameras, sensors) in logistics processes and enterprises
  • Innovation management in the transport and logistics domain (incl. the development and analysis of business models and business model innovation)

Research projects

LEAN: Development of Lightweight Storage and Retrieval Machines on the basis of Cable Robot Technology from North Rhine-Westphalia(German)

  • Role: Technical Coordinator (Logistics)
  • Tasks: Requirements engineering, design of warehouse management system, evaluation and benefit assessment, business model development

iWALD: Integrated World and Local Delivery

  • Role: Member of project management circle
  • Tasks: Requirements engineering, evaluation und benefit assessment, business model development

SPeCTra: Smart Port Cities through Transversal Traffic Management

  • Role: Teammitglied
  • Tasks: Requirements engineering, development of research questions in the areas of waterborne transportation and port operations

TiLO: Tracing of intelligent Logistics Objects

  • Role: Project coordination
  • Tasks: Requirements engineering, conceptualization (hardware), evaluation and benefit assessment, business model development

LoFIP (German): Logistics Future Internet Platform

  • Role: Work package lead
  • Tasks: Requirements engineering, conceptualization, evaluation and benefit assessment, business model development

FInest: Future Internet enabled Optimization of Transport and Logistics Business Networks

  • Role: Team member “Domain Analysis”
  • Tasks: Requirements engineering, case study analysis, evaluation and benefit assessment, business model development

FIspace: Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics

  • Role: Team member “Experimentation Environment”
  • Tasks: Development and design of an experimentation environment for business service apps, business model development

ECLR: Effiziency Cluster Logistics Ruhr

  • Role: Project development, co-author of ECLR application, member of work group 'Versatile Logistics Systems'
  • Tasks: Development of project idea, design of work structure and series of experiments, derivation and abstraction of research findings

Other areas of work

  • Applying for new research projects at national and international level, esp. NRW/EFRE and EU/H2020
  • Establishing and maintaining international contacts of the department, esp. within the European Union and to Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, and India
  • Public Relations


  • Seminars
    (no seminars are currently being offered)
  • Case studies (in cooperation with external, mostly commercial, organizations)
    (no case studies are currently being offered)


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The complete list of publications will be provided to you on personal request.

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