Dear Members of the Water Science Club,

The Water Science Club has been invented as a platform of students having finished the full course of the curriculum "Water Science" - the so-called "alumni". We have spent together a long time and you have received a training which is the base for your profession. Together, we went through ups and downs of various kinds and it would be a pity to loose the connection altogether after finishing that time.

In contrary, it is important to keep in touch, to be able to exchange information and gossip and, possibly, to establish long-term cooperation.

The Water Science Club is not a classical German club as it does not have a president or any other staff. It is self-organized and, for the time being, the curriculum website gives access to the club. The platform provides the e-mail addresses of all members who have agreed to join in the mailing list, invitations to the Master Celebration and latest news. It also offers a forum for further communication. The graduates are currently contacted in order to receive their consent to be included in the mailing list. The list will be continuously updated on request. For the time being, it is maintained by graduates of the Water Science curriculum. Input from members is welcome.

Hans-Curt Flemming