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Doctors’ Offices, Hospitals and Emergencies

You can reach emergency services and the fire department by dialling 112 on any telephone or cell phone; an emergency doctor and an ambulance are also reachable at 19222. The local hospitals do not have regular surgery hours for the public. The first port of call in case of illness is usually the GP/family doctor. Only in the case of a serious emergency should you proceed directly to the hospital.

Any medical treatment requires you to produce your insurance card or the European insurance card (EHIC). Privately insured patients are treated and then billed. Non-privately insured patients pay 10 euros quarter-yearly at their doctor’s office before treatment is administered; if needed, your family doctor will readily write you a referral to a specialist (of the same price range)so that you need pay only once during each quarter. Some forms of medical treatment are not covered by the statutory health insurance schemes; since the list changes frequently, it is best to consult your doctor or insurance company. 

Emergency numbers

Fire department  112
Ambulance 19222


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