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Public Transport

The Ruhr Area enjoys an excellent public transportation system. Regional rapid, express and commuter trains (S-Bahnen) link the cities in the Area. Like the trams, undergrounds and buses within the city, these trains can also be used with the same train ticket.

The price class ‘A’ is valid in the greater city area of Duisburg or Essen. For trips of three or four stations maximum, there is a ticket for short trips (Kurzstrecke); the destinations that can be reached with this kind of ticket are displayed on a notice board at each stop. The route between Duisburg and Essen requires a class ‘B’ ticket. If you use trains regularly, a monthly ticket (Ticket1000 or Ticket2000) is recommended. There are also tickets for four journeys or daily tickets for all price classes that can be used by up to five persons.

» Information at www.vrr.de

Doctoral candidates, after paying the semester and social fees, can use the student ID obtained at registration as a ticket, employees have the opportunity to purchase the job ticket

» Information at job ticket

Tickets can be purchased at vending machines or at designated sales points. Be sure that you stamp your ticket using one of the orange machines at the beginning of the platform just before you enter a train. In trams and undergrounds (but not in the S-Bahn) these machines are inside the trains. No tickets can, on the other hand, be bought in any of these trains. In the absence of a ticket or one that has not been stamped, you will be dealt with as a ‘fare dodger’ and fined 60 euros.