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Sozialpsychologie: Medien & Kommunikation

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    Artikel in Zeitschriften

  • Meier, Yannic; Krämer, Nicole
    Differences in access to privacy information can partly explain digital inequalities in privacy literacy and self-efficacy
    In: Behaviour & Information Technology (BIT) (2024)
  • Meier, Yannic; Krämer, Nicole
    A longitudinal examination of Internet users’ privacy protection behaviors in relation to their perceived collective value of privacy and individual privacy concerns
    In: New Media and Society (2023) in press
  • Meier, Yannic; Meinert, Judith; Krämer, Nicole
    One-Time Decision or Continual Adjustment? : A Longitudinal Study of the Within-Person Privacy Calculus among Users and Non-Users of a COVID-19 Contact Tracing App
    In: Media Psychology Jg. 26 (2023) Nr. 1, S. 36 - 53
  • Meier, Yannic; Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne; Krämer, Nicole C.
    Who Is Targeting Me? : Privacy Perceptions of and Responses to Commercial and Political Targeted Advertising on Social Media
    In: Journal of Advertising (2023) in press
  • Ostendorf, Sina; Meier, Yannic; Brand, Matthias
    Self-Disclosure on Social Networks : More Than a Rational Decision- Making Process
    In: Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace Jg. 16 (2022) Nr. 4, 26338
  • Meier, Yannic; Krämer, Nicole
    The Privacy Calculus Revisited : An Empirical Investigation of Online Privacy Decisions on Between- and Within-Person Levels
    In: Communication Research (2022) 009365022211021
  • Meier, Yannic; Schäwel, Johanna; Krämer, Nicole
    Between protection and disclosure : Applying the privacy calculus to investigate the intended use of privacy-protecting tools and self-disclosure on different websites
    In: Studies in Communication and Media: SC|M (SCM) Jg. 10 (2021) Nr. 3, S. 283 - 306
  • Meier, Yannic; Meinert, Judith; Krämer, Nicole
    Investigating factors that affect the adoption of COVID-19 contact-tracing apps : A privacy calculus perspective
    In: Technology, Mind, and Behavior Jg. 2 (2021) Nr. 3, S. 1 - 10
  • Meier, Yannic; Schäwel, Johanna; Krämer, Nicole
    The shorter the better? : Effects of privacy policy length on online privacy decision-making
    In: Media and Communication Jg. 8 (2020) Nr. 2, S. 291 - 301
  • Meier, Yannic; Neubaum, German
    Gratifying Ambiguity : Psychological Processes Leading to Enjoyment and Appreciation of TV Series with Morally Ambiguous Characters
    In: Mass Communication and Society Jg. 22 (2019) Nr. 5, S. 631 - 653
  • Beiträge in Sammelwerken und Tagungsbänden

  • Meier, Yannic
    Raising Awareness for Privacy Risks and Supporting Protection in the Light of Digital Inequalities
    In: Privacy and Identity Management: Proceedings / Bieker, Felix; Meyer, Joachim; Pape, Sebastian; Schiering, Ina; Weich, Andreas; 17th IFIP WG 9.2, 9.6/11.7, 11.6/SIG 9.2.2 International Summer School, Privacy and Identity 2022; Virtual Event; 30 August - 2 September 2022 2023, S. 44 - 51
  • Meier, Yannic; Schäwel, Johanna; Kyewski, Elias; Krämer, Nicole
    Applying Protection Motivation Theory to Predict Facebook Users' Withdrawal and Disclosure Intentions
    In: 11th International Conference on Social Media and Society: Diverse Voices - Promises and Perils of Social Media for Diversity / SMSociety 2020; Virtual, Online; Canada; 22 - 24 July 2020 2020, S. 21 - 29
  • Dissertation

  • Meier, Yannic;
    It’s a private matter! : Empirical investigations of psychological mechanisms underlying online self-disclosure and privacy protection
    Duisburg, Essen (2021)