Homepage Group Prof. Dr. Claus M. Schneider

The physical properties of condensed matter are intimately connected to the electronic structure and electronic interactions. In particular, the correlated nature of electron systems gives rise to intriguing phenomena, such as superconductivity, magnetism, colossal magnetoresistance – which are still not fully understood to date.

Our research aims at unravelling and understanding the microscopic mechanisms, which determine the electronic, magnetic and optical properties of crystals, thin film systems and nanostructures, from an experimental point of view. For this purpose, we employ different photoelectron spectroscopy techniques. These range from high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy with laboratory sources to photoelectron nanospectroscopy with synchrotron radiation, and provide a unique combination of high energy, spatial and temporal resolution. The respective experiments are carried out at the synchrotron sources DELTA (Dortmund), BESSY (Berlin) and ELETTRA (Trieste).