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Our research group was started in 2014 at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Our research interests are in the field of organic and supramolecular chemistry, with the particular aim of generating functional supramolecular structures. We are excited to have started our independent research and to explore new aspects of supramolecular chemistry. Please see our research page for additional information.

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Prof. Dr. Jochen Niemeyer
Faculty of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
University of Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstraße 7
45141 Essen, Germany

Room: S07 S04 C21
Phone: +49 201 183-3148
Email:  jochen.niemeyer@uni-due.de

Bachelor- and Master-theses 2020/2021

We are always looking for interested students! If you are interested in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry and would like to join our group for your Vertiefungs- or Analytikpraktikum or for your Bachelor- or Master-thesis, don't hesitate to contact us. For a short description of two possible topics, please see here!

If you would like to know more please contact Jochen Niemeyer (mail) directly! I am happy to tell you more about our research and about possible projects!

Please don't hesitate to apply even in times of Corona if you are interested!

PhD and Postdoc-applications welcome!

Applications from highly motivated graduate students are always welcome! If you look for research opportunities in the field of organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry, please contact Jochen Niemeyer directly (mail). I am happy to help with scholarship applications!


December 2020

Great news! Jan-Erik´s paper about supramolecular polymers with reversed temperature/viscosity profile was accepted for publication in the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry and will be part of the special issue "Molecular Recognition" in memory of Carsten Schmuck. Congrats!

November 2020

Now it is official! Jochen has been promoted to Professor of Organic Chemistry in the framework of a Heisenberg-professorship (see press release here). Thanks to everyone in the group (past and present) for the great work and team spirit that made this possible. Looking forward to continuing our work here at the UDE!

October 2020

Jan-Erik successfully defended his thesis and is the first of the former Schmuck-group to finish his PhD! Despite Corona, we had a small celebration. Congratulations, Dr. Jan-Erik!

September 2020

Now being the third PhD from the Niemeyer-group, Fabian has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Fabian!

August 2020

Martha successfully defended her thesis and is now Dr. Martha! Congratulations!

July 2020

We have two new publications! Joy´s work from the AK Schmuck about the detection of hydrogen-sulfide was accepted in Chemistry Open! Also, Carel´s Minireview about rotaxanes in catalysis was accepted by Chemistry - A European Journal. Congratulations everyone!

June 2020

We have a new group member! Robin joins the group as a PhD student and will work on the interaction of phosphoric acids with proteins in the framework of the CRC1093! Welcome and good luck!

May 2020

We have new group members! Hongxiao starts with her Master-thesis in our group! Despite a slight Corona-delay, she is now in the lab and works towards multifuctional catalysts. Welcome and good luck!

May 2020

We have new group members! Jan starts with his Master-thesis in our group! Despite a slight Corona-delay, he is now in the lab and works towards novel biologically active rotaxanes (Jan). Welcome and good luck!

For more news, check our Archive!