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We are glad you found us!

Our research group was started in 2014 at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Our research interests are in the field of organic and supramolecular chemistry, with the particular aim of generating functional supramolecular structures. We are excited to have started our independent research and to explore new aspects of supramolecular chemistry. Please see our research page for additional information.

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Bachelor- and Master-theses 2020/2021

We are always looking for interested students! If you are interested in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry and would like to join our group for your Vertiefungs- or Analytikpraktikum or for your Bachelor- or Master-thesis, don´t hesitate to contact us. For a short description of two possible topics, please see here!

If you would like to know more please contact Jochen Niemeyer (mail) directly! I am happy to tell you more about our research and about possible projects!

Please don´t hesitate to apply even in times of Corona if you are interested!

PhD and Postdoc-applications welcome!

Applications from highly motivated graduate students are always welcome! If you look for research opportunities in the field of organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry, please contact Jochen Niemeyer directly (mail). I am happy to help with scholarship applications!

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December 2020

Great news! Jan-Erik´s paper about supramolecular polymers with reversed temperature/viscosity profile was accepted for publication in the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry and will be part of the special issue "Molecular Recognition" in memory of Carsten Schmuck. Congrats!

November 2020

Now it is official! Jochen has been promoted to Professor of Organic Chemistry in the framework of a Heisenberg-professorship (see press release here). Thanks to everyone in the group (past and present) for the great work and team spirit that made this possible. Looking forward to continuing our work here at the UDE!

October 2020

Jan-Erik successfully defended his thesis and is the first of the former Schmuck-group to finish his PhD! Despite Corona, we had a small celebration. Congratulations, Dr. Jan-Erik!

September 2020

Now being the third PhD from the Niemeyer-group, Fabian has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Fabian!

August 2020

Martha successfully defended her thesis and is now Dr. Martha! Congratulations!

July 2020

We have two new publications! Joy´s work from the AK Schmuck about the detection of hydrogen-sulfide was accepted in Chemistry Open! Also, Carel´s Minireview about rotaxanes in catalysis was accepted by Chemistry - A European Journal. Congratulations everyone!

June 2020

We have a new group member! Robin joins the group as a PhD student and will work on the interaction of phosphoric acids with proteins in the framework of the CRC1093! Welcome and good luck!

May 2020

We have two new group members! Hongxiao and Jan start with their Master-theses in our group! Despite a slight Corona-delay, both are now in the lab and work towards novel biologically active rotaxanes (Jan) and multifuctional catalysts (Hongxiao). Welcome and good luck!

May 2020

Huibin´s work about the self-assembly of nanoparticles was accepted for publication in Small! This is another interesting application of the zwitterionic GCP-binding motif developed by Carsten Schmuck!

April 2020

We have two new publications!

Dana´s Minireview about the use of Functionalized Macrocycles in Supramolecular Organocatalysis was accepted by ChemPlusChem! Congratulations!

In the same issue, Jens, Michael and Jochen have contributed a review article about Carsten´s research ("20 years of the Schmuck binding motif"). We hope this will help in remembering Carsten and his achievements in supramolecular chemistry.

Both articles will be part of the special issue about " Young Talents and their Mentors in Supramolecular Chemistry". Thanks to ChemPlusChem and to the guest editors Anna McConnell, Cally Haynes, Claudia Caltagirone and Jennifer Hiscock  for organizing this special issue!

March 2020

Dennis´ work about the importance of supramolecular acid-acid interactions in organocatalysis has been accepted for pulication in Chemical Science! Thanks to our collaboration partners and congratulations to everyone!

February 2020

We have two new group members!

Carel joins as a postdoc after finishing her PhD last year with Prof. Markus Albrecht at RWTH Aachen. She will be working on functional rotaxanes. Good luck!

After a first postdoc in the group of Prof. David Leigh in Manchester, Marcel joins the group as DFG return-fellow. He will be working on interlocked phosphoric acids. Welcome and good luck!

January 2020

Our recently published work about rotaxane catalysis in Angewandte Chemie has been selected for a back cover! Thanks to Sasha Ediger (designmodus.com) for another wonderful illustration!

January 2020

In continuation of the work started by Carsten Schmuck, two papers have now been accepted for publication. Joys work on responsive materials for drug delivery was accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, while Marlens work an GCP-peptide conjugates in collaboration with Prof. Xiaoyu Hu was published in Chinese Chemical Letters! Congratulations!

December 2019

After an eventful year with many good, but unfortunately also some very sad news, the group takes the chance to recap at our Christmas Dinner. Thanks to everyone for their great work!

December 2019

Great news! The results of the collaborative project with the group of Bettina Siebers have been accepted for publication in Nature Communications! Congratulations to Martha for the great job!

December 2019

The group receives funding from the Otto-Röhm-Foundation! We thank the comittee for the generous funding!

December 2019

The work by Noel and Dennis on heterobifunctional rotaxanes has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie! Congratulations!

December 2019

We have a new publication! The work on the synthesis of linked BINOL-derivatives has been accepted for publication in Synthesis. Congratulations to Martha, Fabian, Frescilia and Nidas!

August 2019

Great news! Jochen receives funding from the DFG in the framework of the Heisenberg-programme!

August 2019

After more than two years as a postdoc in our group, Noel is leaving! Thanks for the great farewell-party (including a speech in German) and all the best for your next postdoc!

June 2019

The group participates in the "9. Essener Firmenlauf". It was great fun and everyone finished the 5 km despite the steep hill just before the finish line!

June 2019

Jochen, Jens and Michael win the Teaching Award of the University of Duisburg-Essen! Thanks to all the students for their great reviews and thanks to the "Fachschaft" for the nomination"!

May 2019

The group presents their research at the Münster-Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry!

May 2019

Jochen travels China to present the group´s work in Shanghai, Hangzhou (photo below), Wuhan, Hefei and Nanjing!

May 2019

The paper about Simon´s, Dennis´, Maike´s and Frescilia´s work on covalently linked phosphoric acids for organocatalysis has been accepted for publication in Eur. J. Org. Chem.! Congratulations!

April 2019

Alexander, Karina, Sebastian and Thorsten join the group for their Bachelor-theses! Welcome and good luck!

March 2019

Jan and Nidas return to the group to do their Master-internship in analytical chemistry! Welcome back!


February 2019

The paper about Martha´s work on hydrogen-bonded capsules was accepted for publication in Chem. Commun.! Congratulations!


November 2018

Frescilia is the first of the Niemeyer-group to pass her defense! Congratulations, Dr. Octa-Smolin! Well deserved for all the hard work!

2018 Defense Frescilia

November 2018

Jens, Michael and Jochen receive the 2018 Teaching Award of the Faculty! Thanks to the students for the excellent evaluation of our lecture about "Functional Supramolecular Materials"!​
2018 Lehrpreis

October 2018

Frescilia´s and Rohan´s paper about the cyclization and racemization of alkynyl-substituted BINOLs has been accepted for publication in J. Org. Chem.! Congratulations!

24 Abstract

October 2018

Frescilia´s paper about the array-based sensing of amino-acids was accepted for publication in Chem. Eur. J.! Congratulations to Frescilia and thanks to our collaboration partners in Israel, Prof. David Margulies and Dr. Leila Motei, for their help throughout this project!

23 Abstract

October 2018

Maike joins the group for her PhD-thesis. She will be working on double-helical structures and novel chemosensors. Welcome and good luck!


October 2018

Noel´s minireview on the active-template synthesis of interlocked molecules will soon appear in Nachrichten aus der Chemie. Good work, Noel!

22 Abstract

September 2018

Frescilia´s, Maike´s and Rohan´s work on chiral receptors for lysine-binding has just appeared in Org. Lett.! Congratulations, everyone!

21 Abstract

August 2018

Dana and Stefan join the group! Dana will work on heterocatenanes for her Vertiefungs- and Master-work, while Stefan will look at the metal-detection with novel fluorescence sensors during his analytical internship. Welcome and good luck!


July 2018

The group receives additional funding by the DFG for the development of novel sensors for methylated amino-acids!


July 2018

Fabian´s Minireview on "Asymmetric catalysis with DNA" has appeared in Nachrichten aus der Chemie! Congratulations, Fabian!

20 Abstract

June 2018

The junior research groups go on their annual group retreat. Everyone bravely joined for the climbing and relaxed at the BBQ afterwards! On top of that, the Niemeyer-group managed to depict a polyrotaxane in the world´s nerdiest group picture...


Group Trip 2018 2

April 2018

Charlotte and Jan join the group for their Bachelor-theses. Jan will be working on the synthesis of functional rotaxanes, while Charlotte is investigating the synthesis of nanocapsules for catalysis. Welcome and good luck!



March 2018

The group presents the current work at the MS_CEC conference in Münster with poster from Dennis, Fabian, Martha and Noel. On top of that, Dennis wins the poster prize for his poster on catenanes with different ring-sizes. Congratulations, Dennis!

2018 Mscec Dennis


February 2018

Raja´s minireview in ChemCatChem was highlighted with a frontispiece. Congratulations, Raja!

17 Ccc Cover

February 2018

Rohan joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher. He will work on the detection of metals in live cells, within a project funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation. Welcome, Rohan!


January 2018

Noel´s Minireview on "Applications of Chiral Mechanically Interlocked Molecules" was accepted as a Synpacts article in Synlett! Congratulations, Noel!


January 2018

Maike and Simon return to the group for their Master-theses. Welcome and good luck!


December 2017

Jochen wins the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2018! Congratulations to the group for their great work and a big thank you to the Editors of Synlett, Synthesis and Synfacts for choosing our group!


December 2017

Dennis and Martha have contributed a short overview on the use of Pd(I)-dimers in cross-coupling reactions for Nachrichten aus der Chemie. Nice work, Martha and Dennis!

18 Abstract

November 2017

Raja´s Minireview on "Dual Brønsted-acid organocatalysis" has been accepted for publication in ChemCatChem. Congratulations, Raja!


September 2017

Our recent article in Angewandte Chemie has been highlighted in Synfacts as a "Synfact of the month"! Thanks to the Editors for picking our paper!


September 2017

Fabian, Frescilia, Martha and Noel present their work at the 2nd CRC1093 International Symposium. Well done, everyone! 


September 2017

The group receices additional funding by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation. Our project "Development of new chemosensors for detection of labile iron in live cells" will be funded by an Exploration Grant!


August 2017

Our artwork for the paper on catenane-catalysis was accepted as a back cover for Angewandte Chemie! Thanks to Sasha for the beautiful picture!

17 Acie Cover

Juli 2017

Frescilia, Martha and Jochen present their results at the ISMSC-conference in Cambridge! Great conference in a beautiful city!


June 2017

To celebrate our last two papers, the group enjoyed a BBQ (and possibly some beers alongside with the food)! Thanks for everyone´s hard work!


​​June 2017

Raja´s most recent work has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie! In a combined experimental and theoretical study (together with Hui Zhu and Stefan Grimme from the University of Bonn), this paper shows the first example of a catenane-catalyst for asymmetric organocatalysis. Congratulations, Raja and Hui!

16 Abstract

​​Mai 2017

Within the Global Young Faculty, Jochen and other young scientists interviewed 20 professors from 16 countries around the world. Their personal views on university teaching, together with background information about the respective countries, have now been collected in a book! If you are interested in a copy, please contact Jochen directly!

I Love To Share Knowledge

​​​April 2017

Frescilia´s , Raja´s and Maike´s paper about covalently linked bisphosphates has been accepted as a full paper in Chemistry - A European Journal! You can find it here. Congratulations!

15 Toc

March 2017

Dennis joins the group as a Master student. He will work on modified catenane-systems. Welcome, Dennis!


March 2017

Raja has presented our work at the RSC twitter poster event. Watch the poster and the wonderful cartoon abstract by Errant Science here!

Errantscience Cartoon Abstract

​​​February 2017

As a member of the Global Young Faculty, Jochen has participated in the project "Lust auf Wissenschaft". This project aims at enhancing the visibility of science in the Ruhr-area with the help of paintings and drawings in the public space. Check it out here!


February 2017

The group presents the current research at the SupraChem 2017 in Aachen and Martha wins a prize for her poster on molecular capsules. Congratulations, Martha!


January 2017

The group has received additional funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG-Sachbeihilfe)!


December 2016

We enjoy some mulled wine at the Christmas market in Essen. Thanks to everyone for their hard work in 2016!



November 2016

Fabian joins the group as a PhD-student! He will work on DNA-templated catalyst systems in collaboration with the Brunschweiger-group in Dortmund. Welcome, Fabian!


October 2017

Following this year´s Nobel prize, David Leigh´s group in Manchester set up a map of groups working on Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Molecular Machines (and kindly included our group). Check it our here!


September 2016

The Niemeyer group visits the EuCheMS conference in Sevilla! Frescilia and Martha present their work on posters, Raja and Jochen show some recent results in their talks. And everyone meets this year´s Nobel Laureate Ben Feringa!

Niemeyerlab Euchems

July 2016

Frescilia has won a travel grant for the EuCheMS conference in sevilla. Congratulations, Frescilia!


July 7th 2016

Jochen´s Minireview on "Interlocked molecules for catalysis" was published in Nachrichten aus der Chemie!


July 4th 2016

Together with the Giese, Voskuhl and Hirschhäuser groups, we spent a sunny day on the river Ruhr for some canoeing! Please find two pictures below! 



May 23rd 2016

Jasmine joins the group as a visiting student from UBC Vancouver. She obtained a RISE-fellowship from the DAAD to fund her stay. Welcome, Jasmine!


April 2016

Jochen receives a startup grant from the Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR)! This funding scheme supports promising young researchers from the "ruhr-area" at an early stage of their career.


March 31st 2016

Frescilia obtains additional funding for her PhD from the Professor Werdelmann-Foundation.Congratulations, Frescilia!


March 2016

On a trip to beautiful Japan, Jochen visits the annual CSJ meeting and presents the group´s work at the universities of Nagoya and Tokyo!

Japan 2016


March 29th 2016

The very first publication of the Niemeyer group has been accepted for publication in Chemical Communications! This paper describes Raja´s work on the synthesis of a chiral [2]catenane and its application for host-guest binding! Congratulations, Raja!   

13 Abstract

February 1st 2016

Martha joins the group! After finishing her Master in Bath (UK) she will work towards her PhD in our group, funded by a PhD-fellowship from Evonik Industries! Welcome, Martha!


January 2016

Looking for a challenging Bachelor-, Vertiefungs- or Master-project? Check out our posters with new topics for 2016! You can find them on S07 S04, opposite the elevators!


September 8th 2015

We have a new group member! After a first postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute in Mühlheim, Raja joins the group as a postdoc. Welcome!


July 29th 2015

Jochen was selected as a member of the Global Young Faculty 4! This joint initiative consists of young researchers from Essen, Bochum and Dortmund and promotes the scientific exchange between the members.


July 27th 2015

Maike joins the group for her Bachelor thesis. She will be working on the synthesis of new catenane-systems. Welcome, Maike!


July 1st 2015

Yagmur joins the group as an Erasmus student! She is currently a chemistry student in Istanbul (Turkey) and will be working on the synthesis of substituted guanidines. Welcome and good luck! 


June 28th 2015

Jochen attended the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting. He presented the current projects in a short talk in the Master Class hosted by Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn


April 20th 2015

We have a new group member! Simon has joined for his Bachelor-thesis. He will be working on the synthesis of interlocked organocatalysts. Good luck, Simon!


Feburary 11th 2015

Jochen´s paper about the synthesis and reactivity of iminoborylene-complexes was accepted in Dalton Transactions (see here). These results from Jochen´s postdoctoral work will be featured on the cover of Dalton Transactions!


January 5th 2015

Frescilia joins the group as the very first PhD student! Welcome and good luck!


December 10th 2014

Jochen receives a "Startup Grant" from the University of Duisburg-Essen! This internal program supports excellent young researchers at an early stage of their career. 


June 30th 2014

The first reactions are running! After some organizational work at the beginning, the research can finally start!


June 2nd 2014

First day at work! The Niemeyer Group officially starts!

Jochen has obtained a Liebig-Stipendium of the German Chemical Fund (Fonds der Chemischen Industrie).

The research group will be associated to the group of Prof. Carsten Schmuck - meaning it can be found on the fourth floor of the chemistry building S07 at the Campus Essen.