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Due to the current situation, the course will take place as e-learning on the Moodle platform. We have decided to use asynchronous learning to reduce the risks. Each student carries out the lab alone and each experiment consists of two phases. In the first phase the experiment is prepared. In this phase, the preparation tasks are solved, a written test is solved in Moodle and the experiment is carried out. The experiment can only be carried out if the test is successful. The solved preparation tasks and the results of the experiment must be uploaded to Moodle by the fixed deadline. In the second phase the results are evaluated and also uploaded to Moodle. For both phases you may receive remarks and requests for revision from the respective supervisor(s). This semester's lab course will consist of a simulated " Numerical Methods for Solving Differential Equations" and " Experimental modelling: System identification" experiment.


As of winter semester 2021/22

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Responsible: Dr.-Ing. Köppen-Seliger, M. Obergfell and A. Salah

Lab, 1 SWS, moodle course
(1. FS PV) EIT MA AT, ACE MA, (5. FS PV) ISE/ACE B.Sc., (3. FS PV) ISE/EEE-PA M.Sc.,
(WP) WIng M.Sc. IT, (WP) WIng M.Sc. E