AKS Team

The word teamwork of letters arranged one below the other in colorful circles, connected with colorful arrows, alternating left and right, from circle to circle

Professors Name EMail Tel. Room
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steven X. Ding steven.ding@uni-due.de 93386 BB511
Secretariat Name EMail Tel. Room
  Bay, Sabine sabine.bay@uni-due.de 93385 BB512
Guest professorships
and AvH Fellows
  EMail Tel. Room
Li, Kuo Dr. kuoli@ieee.org 91083 BB517
Liu, Ruonan Dr. ruonan.liu@tju.edu.cn 93953 BB522
Wang, Fan Dr. fan.wang@uni-due.de 93387 BB517
Wang, Yongjian Dr. yjwan@seu.edu.cn 93953 BB522
Xie, Xiaochen Dr. xcxie@connect.hku.hk 93953 BB522
Further staff members EMail Tel. Room
Baumann, Michael M. Sc., techn. Angestellter michael.baumann@uni-due.de 93382 BB412
Cheng, Wei M. Sc., Stipendiat cheng.wei@uni-due.de 92930 BB519
Cuturic, Danijel M. Sc., Wiss. Ang. danijel.cuturic@uni-due.de 93383 BB518
Gu, Caoyuan M. Sc., Stipendiat 1112103011@zjut.edu.cn 91082 BB616/O4
Huang, Jian Dr., PostDoc Stipendiatin jianhuang@ustb.edu.cn 91082 BB616/O4
Janzen, Ulrich techn. Angestellter ulrich.janzen@uni-due.de 92926 BB413
Köppen-Seliger, Birgit Dr.-Ing. AOR birgit.koeppen-seliger@uni-due.de 92929 BB513
Li, Zhuyuan M. Sc. Stipendiatin zhuyuan.li@stud.uni-due.de 94296 BB616/O1
Liang, Ketian M. Sc. Stipendiat ketian.liang@uni-due.de 93383 BB518
Liu, Tianyu M. Sc. Stipendiat tianyu.liu@uni-due.de 94295 BB523
Louen, Chris Dr.-Ing. AOR chris.louen@uni-due.de 93380 BB514
Ma, Hao M. Sc. Stipendiat hao.ma.duisburg@stud.uni-due.de 92933 BB616/O2
Obergfell, Micha M. Sc. Wiss. Ang. micha.obergfell@uni-due.de 94293 BB519
Salah, Abdul M. Sc. Stipendiat abd.salah@uni-due.de 92930 BB519
Wang, Jiaorao M. Sc. Stipendiatin jiaorao.wang@stud.uni-due.de 91082 BB616/O3
Yang, Dan M. Sc. Stipendiatin dan.yang@stud.uni-due.de 94296 BB616/O1
Zhang, Deyu M. Sc. Stipendiat deyu.zhang@uni-due.de 92925 BB411
Zhou, Liutao M. Sc. Stipendiat liutao.zhou@stud.uni-due.de 94287 BB411
Zhu, Caroline Charlotte M. Sc. Wiss. Ang. caroline.zhu@uni-due.de 93388 BB523