Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steven X. Ding

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steven X. Ding

Head of department​
Automatic Control and Complex Systems (AKS)


    ▸ Bachelor and Master study (Tsinghua University and University of Science and  Technology Beijing)
    ▸ Research assistant (Gerhard-Mercator University of Duisburg)
    ▸ Dr.-Ing in electrical engineering (Gerhard-Mercator University of Duisburg)
    ▸ R&D engineer (Rheinmetall GmbH)
    ▸ Full professor of control engineering (University of Applied Science Lausitz)
    ▸ Vice president for Science and Research of the University of Applied Science Lausitz
    ▸ Full professor of control engineering (University of Duisburg-Essen)
  • Publications
  • Courses:
    ▸ Regelungstechnik EIT
    ▸ Digitale Regelung
    ▸ Mehrgrößenregelung
    ▸ Advanced system and control therory
    ▸ Fehlerdiagnose und Fehlertoleranz
    ▸ Nonlinear control systems
    ▸ State and parameter estimation
  • Research interests:
    ▸ Analysis and synthesis of complex control systems
    ▸ Model-based and data-driven process monitoring and diagnosis
    ▸ Fault tolerant systems and fault-tolerant control
    ▸ Digital twin
    ▸ Applications to automotive systems, industrial processes, renewable energy systems, smart-builds and grids