Lectures AKS

Vorstellung des Masterstudiums:

Die Vertiefung Automatisierungstechnik (AT)

Der Studiengang Automation and Control Engineering (ACE)

Termin: am 20.06. (Do.) um 15:00 Uhr, und alternativ am 01.07. (Mo.) um 15:00 Uhr

Ort: BB 416 und online ZOOM-Link


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In the summer semester of 2024, teaching in AKS will be conducted face-to-face. The positive aspects of the pandemic accelerated digitalization will of course continue to be available to you as a student body. For example, lecture recordings will continue to be offered in some courses, and some laboratory experiments will now also remain in their digital version in order to offer you more up-to-dateness and flexibility.

We will provide you with the current, lecture-specific information in the moodle courses.


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