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Information Pandemic-related changes

The course will be held as e-learning via the moodle platform until further notice. Lecture and tutorial will be held as a web conference via Zoom, the corresponding link, as well as the exact times will be announced via the moodle course in the live stream section.
If new regulations of the university or the state require a change in the way of implementation, we will inform in the lecture, as well as on the website and in the moodle course.
As of winter semester 2021/22

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Responsible: Prof. Ding (Lecture), Dr.-Ing. Louen (Exercise)

 L/E, 3 SWS

Information Lecture content

This course consists of two parts: synthesis of feedback control loops and time discrete systems.

In Part I, synthesis of feedback control loops, classic methods for analysis and design of feedback controllers and control structures are introduced.

Part II, time-discrete systems, is dedicated to the modelling, analysis and synthesis of time-discrete systems.


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