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Information Organizational structure of the course

In the summer of 2022, the course will take place as e-learning on the Moodle platform. and is structured as follows:

Registration: Mon. 04.04.2022 00:00 a.m. -
Sun. 17.04.2022 12:00 p.m.
in the Moodle-course
Experiment: Start 09.05.2022 (Group 4),
Group allocation and Dates for individual sessions in Moodle

The processing will be carried out asynchronously. Each student carries out the lab alone and each experiment consists of two phases. In the first phase the experiment is prepared. In this phase, the preparation tasks are solved and a written test is solved in Moodle. The solved preparation tasks must be uploaded to Moodle by the fixed deadline. In the second phase the experiment is carried out and the results are evaluated and also uploaded to Moodle. The experiment can only be carried out if the test is successful. For both phases you may receive remarks and requests for revision from the respective supervisor(s). This semester’s lab course will consist of an introductory lecture and a simulation of the “sequence control of a sorting plant”. You may ask questions in the forum and by e-mail at any time. If necessary, a meeting will be arranged.

Further details and lab materials can be found in the linked Moodle course.

As of summer semester 2022

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Responsible: Dr.-Ing. C. Louen

 Lab, 1 SWS

 B.Sc. EIT, PO19 - B-EIT-19 (Wahlfach)

Information Lecture Content

The students should be able to design discrete-event control programs and implement them in terms of programming. The Matlab/Simulink software environment is used in this course.


  • MaSi1: Fundamentals of process control engineering with Matlab/Simulink
  • MaSi2: Sequence control of a sorting system with Matlab/Simulink


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