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The Lab will be conducted in some parts in presence and in other parts as e-learning on the Moodle platform. Each student carries out the lab in groups of 5 students. The lab consists of an introduction event, a workshop with group presentation and oral antestat, execution of one of the experiments (either Three-Tank or CSTH), and a final workshop in which the execution and results are presented. All meetings are mandatory and held on Mondays 11 am – 1 pm. The execution of the experiments will be in-place at the university on the real plants and might take some more time in some cases. Please make sure to carefully check the requirements described in the moodle-course.

As of winter semester 2021/22

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Responsible: Prof. Ding 

 Lab, 1 SWS, Mo 11 - 13BB415
(3. FS, PV) EIT MA AT; (1. FS, PV) ISE/ACE M.Sc.; (3.FS, PV) ISE/EEE-PA M.Sc.

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The students will learn how to develop a control scheme for nonlinear processes and how to realize the developed controller on-line under real application conditions. For this purpose, different laboratory systems with real plants and design software (MATLAB) are available.